Cecil Calvert Draws the Baltimore Sun Forum Trolls to his website like flies stuck on fly paper

Funny, these trolls posting and ranting on the Baltimore Sun Forum and posting peoples personal information from Facebook have nothing better to do then to be infiltrators to those who would see Illegal Aliens thrown out of our state.  There are the Octohag’s, The Joe Steffen’s Emotional Friend and his lunatic Girlfriend Mammogram and the Normies, The Radical Racist, Bmore Ken and many many others.  Not only do they hammer their childish behaviors on those who would will the right of the state and help fix it’s problem’s, but they do nothing but whine about Bob Ehrlich.  This Octohag is righteous to say the least.  A vile and scorned woman with nothing better to do with her time but to bitch and complain.  She likes to use little squiggly lines like a second grader, but that’s okay, we know what kind of true hater she really is.  Then you have this one person/thing, or whatever it is, it’s name is Omar, but more like Idiot.  Has no clue in the world as to what is going on, only opens pie hole for thrills and spills.  But the moron is clueless.  Then you have Sean T, AKA Shaun Adamec posting hate about Bob Ehrlich, well, actually, they all do.  But then again, when you are living in the Darkness in the dungeons of the Emerald Isle, what else do you have to better your life on a daily basis.  Oh, but wait, Joe Steffen is really a hoot, the scorned woman he is, all because his fearless leader would not take the blows for him.  Well, so what Joe, you brought it all on yourself, not to mention, maybe a fling or two along the way, allegedly.  But all is good in Cecil’s world, he get’s under the skin of the vile and venomous on the Sun Forum.  It’s fun, and there is no greater pleasure then watching these moron’s circle the wagons like Custard’s last stance.  Oh, did I forget to mention the so called Moderator?  What a complete and utter buffoon.  If he does not like what you have to say, goodbye posting.  If you bring up O’Malley’s alleged dirty past, good bye posting.  Let us not forget they pulled the post on “As I first reported”, in reference to O’Malley’s thuggish behaviors soliciting state workers for Campaign Donations, but in the world of the Sun Forum, anything goes, as long as it bashes Ehrlich and praises the like’s of Comrade O’Malley.  Quite comical to say the least.  Funny yet, they say 100 people showing up at a rally against illegal immigration is small, but what they don’t realize is that this was done in the heart of MS13 Country (Silver Spring), and the home of all Lawless Illegal Aliens.  Let us not forget that Channel 9 News, WUSA, covering it for Television only happened to find one of these Illegals running around scared on Casa De Maryland’s property and got interviewed, then admitted, right on Casa’s property she was illegal and afraid because everyone treats her like a criminal, well isn’t she?  Isn’t Casa De Maryland now caught harboring, assisting, abetting and supporting these Illegal Aliens?  Is this not a criminal act by a criminal enterprise sucking dry the Maryland Tax Payer?  Well I guess the Sun Forum in all it’s malice fashion should do it’s self a favor, Go to Mexico for a while and take Governor O’Malley with you.


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  1. Posted by Drydayhurriny on June 14, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Hey there!
    Just wanting to say hi to everyone since i’m new in this community!


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