From My Insider covering the Wargotz and Rutledge Debates – Rutledge Wins Montgomery County Debate

From my source regarding the Wargtoz and Rutledge Debates.

First, from all accounts Jim was the hands down winner at the Montgomery County debate.  Since then Wargotz has ducked future debates with Jim.  In fact, there are two upcoming debates and guess what… Wargotz isn’t going to be at either one.  In fact, Wargotz has asked the event promoters/sponsors to allow him to send a proxy in his place.  Yes, that’s right Wargotz won’t debate Jim publicly any longer after he was embarrased in Montgomery County.

How do you expect someone that is afraid to debate a primary opponent to stand up to the rigors and demands in the Senate.  A debate is a cakewalk compared to what he’d face in the Senate.

Ordinance 08-25 was submitted by Wargotz.  And that ordinance specifically violated a property owners right to subdivide his land.  And, if Bill did his research he would have found all this on his own.  It is public record.


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  1. Posted by Kimberly on June 3, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    I find it very interesting that Eric Wargotz will commit to a debate ahead of time, then as the date nears, “something comes up” and he ususally cites the hospital or a hospital related duty. Really? In the evening? Quarterly, there are evening meetings-board, medical staff, etc. But always on a night of debate with other Senatorial Candidates? One can deduce that sending a surrogate/proxy is simply a sign of weakness. This makes would be voters frustrated. A voter can not vote based on a surrogate’s stump speeches or debate skills.

    From the eyes of a voter, yes, that would be me, campaigning must include connecting with the people. Messaging is one thing- but being able to demonstrate the ability to manage scenarios (such as in a debate) that thrown your way (as they will be in the Senate, especially under the current administration) is another. If Wargotz will not debate “friendlies” (Republicans) as a means for practice and preparation for the real game, how will he do on the Senate floor? How will he hold up against the culture of corruption that seeps throughout DC and into our state and local governments? He should be using these debates to demonstrate what he is made of and to practice for the real deal. Instead, he is chasing big money and not connecting with the people. Avoiding a simple debate is not demonstrating the kind of leadership Marylanders want. Mikulski has lost her way by virtue of some of the same traits that Eric Wargotz is demonstrating now…

    Does Dr. Wargotz really have what it takes to “Make Maryland Healthy”? How can we know this if we are not able to visualize his mode and mechanism of response when handling various issues that are presented in a debate? Now more than ever, voters, common people are taking the time to do some research and make informed choices. Those ballots will not simply be filled out by thought processes such as, “oh, she had cool signs…”. There is a new culture of voters emerging and we are hunters and gatherers of information!!! Lessons were learned from 2006 and 2008…


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