20 May, 2010 08:26

Today, it was brought to my attention, that a Thread, Entitled, "As I First Reported", in regards to O’Malley soliciting Campaign Donations from State Workers was pulled from the Baltimore Sun Forum Posting. There are memebers of OMalleys Campaign who go to this site to continually speak non-truths and try to protect the Governor from being exposed for the failure he is. I would highly suggest, those who wish to expose the Governor on his Spending, Illegal Immigration Support and Failure to Enforce the laws of the land, join. By doing so, you will help the cause. Shaun Adamec, OMally spokesperson posts there, Joe Steffen who is constantly criticizing the former Governor like a woman scorned, a woman named Octoburn, who is also working to undermine all things truthful. Also, a few of these posters are posers and stated they have joined Help Save Maryland to try and infiltrate the Group to make them look like thugs and haters.

We can not allow these anti-tea-party thugs to become part of the message. They will continue to disrupt all things truthful. They want to take down those who would stand up for our Constitutional Right to Free Speech and are staunch supporters of Governor O’Malley and Comrade President Barrack "I am not an American Citizen" Hussein Obama. Also, they feel as though the state should become Illegal Immigration Enforcers, but they fail to realize, if they are here in your state illegally, then it is a STATE issue, especially since almost 300,000 of them got assimilated in to vote via Maryland’s Motor Voter Law. Thereas, they are allowed to renew their drivers license without having to prove lawful presence until 2015. Until then, if they have a legit address, or utility bill, they can renew their license and register to vote. This is the OMalley way and the panderers of Illegal Immigration in Maryland’s State House. Examples, of such, Joe Vallario, Richard Madaleno, Ana Sol Guiterrez, Doyle Neimann, Brian Frosh, Susan Lee, and many many others.

It’s time to hold these Law Breakers accountable. This is our land, and we fought for it, and we are allowed to express our Constitutional Right to Assemble and Protest and Free Speech. Do not allow these types of Socialist to surpress our rights any longer. Time to stand up and be counted for. Wake up.


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