The Truth About Queen Annes County Commissioner, Eric Wargotz Unveiled on his Voting Record and Stance

I had someone do some research for me after I had an absolutely ignorant reply to my blog posting on, A Stark Difference between Two Candidates, Jim Rutledge and Eric Wargotz, they basically called me a liar and a hack, so I got someone to find some facts for me which back up my claims that Dr. Wargotz, is in fact, still very much a liberal.  Listed below is what was mailed to me.  I hope you find them as disturbing as I have.  In all Blog Fairness, I will post this person’s non sense, then the facts, and you decide for yourself.  What it proves is that I was correct, Thuggish Behavior from those who support Wargotz.  They don’t take kindly to criticism, that being the case, maybe they should just move on.  After all, politicians come and go, but friends last a lifetime and with friends like this, who needs enemies.  Nothing like someone acting like spoiled rotten milk.   If you agree with the poster, feel free to email me, if you agree with the facts I have provided, feel free to email me, I will gladly post them for you.

Below = Disgruntled

Bill Cunningham
E-mail :
URL    :
Cecil, I’m glad more people don’t read this blog because more people would see you for the politicl hack that you truly are.
You claim to be a conservative yet you pledge allegience to Former Gov. Erhlich. The fact that he has name recognition, albeit not always in a good way, flush tax, democrat judge appointments, increasing the size and scope of state govt, pro abortion, pro embryonic stem cell… Shall I go on?
The we come to the life long democrat turned Republican wannabe ACLU Constitutional Attorney James Rutledge. Just what Washington needs. Another attorney. Wasn’t Arlen Spector an attorney? Will Mr. Rutledge ‘change his stripe’ again to save his political ass? It may be in the cards.
No doubt Mr. Rutledge can put his lawyer words to keyboard and make his website look good. Please explain how a “constitutional attorney” can be in favor of term limits? Doesn’t our Constitution already give us that right every 2, 4 or 6 years at the ballot box?
I presume Pat McDonough is some political fat cat in Annapolis that Mr. Rutledge is looking to hitch his wagon to. Maryland is just one of the many ‘pools’ where illegal immigrants have ended up, Jimbo & pat are doing nothing to turn off the spigot.
Perhaps rather than sniping at another candidate you, Cecil (if that’s your real name) and Jimbo should focus on the real intended target, Babs Mikulski.
Unlike the RNC/MDGOP, you should let the primary process work. Have Jimbo spend what little of his own money left (yes, his campaign finances are a matter of public record) and put out ads on his accomplishments, advocacies and community involvement. Perhaps which criminal he got a ‘walk’ for on a technocality.
As Arnie said above….
Do your homework.

Facts = The Truth on Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Wargotz from another Emailer to me

This is the email that was sent to Disgruntled above, because they felt what I had posted was not factual information.

“You have a promising career ahead on MS-NBC or as Bill Maher’s sidekick.  You are using the liberal tactics of attacking the messenger instead of debating ideas or positions.  You start the reply off going after the author, which has nothing to do with Rutledge or Wargotz.  Typical.

Next, you have the audacity to tell the author to do “his” homework, yet you make statements that are blatant lies by trying to associate Jim Rutledge with the ACLU.  Time to put your money where your mouth is… where’s the proof of that statement?   And, because Wargotz was a democrat that contributed $1000 to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, $200 to Steny Hoyer, 2 separate $500 donations to Parris Glendenning, and roughly $22,000 to a P.G. County Executive who is also a Democrat…  You and Wargotz are the guilty parties here.  Your wagons are hitched to these liberal, socialist types.  And, those connections go deeper than you think.

For the record, Jim is for self-imposed term limits.  And, the reason for that is because of the “career politician” garbage going on in Congress.  If government was functioning properly, and it is not, there would be no need to even self-impose term limits.

Why did you leave certain items out of Wargotz’s distinguished career as QA County Commissioner?

He voted for a 50% increase in recordation fees?
He submitted ordinance 08-25 which had severe property rights restrictions in it.
QA County budget/spending has increased dramatically since Wargotz joined the Commissioners.
QA County budget for FY2011 has $2.8 million increase in spending in it.
QA County budget for FY20011 has non-education Debt service payments nearly doubled from $2.1 million to $4.165 million.
QA County is proposing a 12.2% income tax hike.  Do you get 12.2% pay increases?  I don’t, most people don’t.  Why is it the QA Cty Commissioners believe the residents of QA Cty can afford this while we are in a recession, the county has a 8%+ unemployment rate, and the country and state is drowning in debt?
QA County is proposing a 13.4% property tax hike.  With Talbot County (adjacent county) having a property tax rate about half of what QA County is proposing, why wouldn’t people simply move to Talbot county?  And, what’s that going to do to your tax base?

And, I really would like to understand why it is Wargotz hired someone to do web development work for him, the work was delivered, and Wargotz refuses to pay the person?  Hmm?  Why?”

So, there you have it, I laid it out there for you, the voter to decide.  The above is the views of one Wargotz Supporter and one Rutledge Supporter.  Nice to see I can reach out and touch someone.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kimberly Fernley on May 20, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Dear Mr. Cunningham- Wow- with extreme clarity I can see that your emotions have been tapped and have run away with your common sense. Understandably so since the underlying message (which truly was destroyed by your means of delivery) is that you are an avid Eric Wargotz supporter and quite passionate about him and your support for him. No one faults you for that and we all applaud your passion. Passion is what ignited the fires in most respects for our founding fathers to do what they did in the early days of this country!

    From re-reading your post, I was able to glean that you are in the same camp as most of us Marylanders- we need to simply send Babs Mikulski packing her bags. She has outworn her welcome by most people’s standards and really has proven to be highly ineffective as far as most of her constituents are concerned. Why not simply make that point your highlight of energy and passion versus making a series of attacks on both Cecil and Mr. Rutledge. I would have to say that this blog is about to go viral because of the beauty of the internet and your words do not bode well for you or Mr. Wargotz. Please remember that and check your emotions at the front door; as most women can attest to, a failure to keep a tight leash on one’s emotions, one has to be prepared to do damage control.

    On my printed version of your post, I counted at least 5 attacks. One sentence had a series of them, which means that through the vastness of fingers responding to brain activity, you knew you had to wrap up but wanted one last push before you pressed the “submit” button. As Cecil pointed out, you used the “Liberal tactics of attacking the messenger” . Here is the skinny on that approach- immediately the audience shuts down and will not even try to see things from that perspective. Children respond the same way to an adult who berates or “attacks” something they have done. Furthermore, most Americans have been inundated with the constant series of marginalizations and attacks made by anyone on the left or anyone who opposes one’s assessment of something or opinion. For most of us, Saul Alinsky was not a household name nor a common table discussion. However, during the 2008 election, thanks to the likes of media WHO actually had investigative integrity, we learned about “Rules for Radicals” and the Saul Alinsky technique. This technique, however, seems to be in play when one does not have the ability or willingness to cope with what is real, factual and indisputable. It is a weak attempt to re-direct and honetly, a very liberal trait.

    With that being said, I am not going to accuse you of being a Liberal or unable to cope. I do want to point out to you that another reader may come to that conclusion which is fine. Afterall, human beings have the ability to take in information, sort, process and do what they wish with it. I do not think that it is fair that you come full barrels loaded toward Jim Rutledge making assumptions and allegations in the process. Does not bode well for you, your message or Mr. Wargotz.

    Attacking Cecil: The freedom of this country allows for him to claim he is conservative if he so desires. Does one have to conform to all the pillars of conservatism to be a conservative? Most people do align with a majority of the pillars, but not all. And who it is for ANY ONE of us to decide for someone else what conservative means? Cecil is allowed to support whom he desires and for the reasons he desires. He likely struggles with some of Bob’s Ehrlich’s stances and patterns like most conservatives would. Bob is who he is and Cecil is who he is. You are you and Mr. Wargotz is who he is. Mr. Rutledge is who he is. I never read the rule that to be a “conservative” you had to align yourself with a certain group of people within that party and omit the others. If that is the case, why have a democracy. That would be like forcing someone who is registered Republican to vote straight ticket, even though they may not favor one of the REP candidates. Please consider what you are going to say before you enter it into the permanence of cyberspace.

    Mr. Rutledge has owned up to being a registered Democrat at one point in his life. So what- he was a private citizen exercising his freedoms in that capacity. I would venture to guess that most people have done a few party switches from time to time. Additionally, may Republicans by voting record register as DEM or IND for reasons that are personal (some admit to the “safety” they feel by this registration in the eyes of the IRS; I have not known the IRS to hone by party affiliation, but anything is possible and I will not rule it out). Mr. Rutledge stumps with his previous voter registration and like most people, he has his reasons for why he was and why he changed! Why do you seem to make a snap judgment and assumption that just because he once was a registered DEM that he is a DEM at heart or will walk that line? Unlike Arlen Spector, Mr. Rutledge was not an elected official and he did not change his party to benefit or be an opportunist.

    I am sticking my neck way out there but will say that I bet at one point in your life, you mixed and mingled in a culture of people who do not align with conservative pillars and I bet you voted differently back in those days and perhaps registered differently! I did it…conservative while in the house of my folks; dem while in college (and then joined ROTC and of course I realized the error of my ways). OOOPS, I voted for Bill Clinton when I was 22 and fresh out of college. WHOOPS, started to make real money and started seeing what a high tax bracket meant. WHOOOPS, I changed my way of thinking and registered REP. WHOOPS, can’t vote straight ticket b/c in most states, loads of RINOs exist and I learned a few lessons in doing research after 9 years in CA when it was too late, vote was cast….So you see, I am glad that you raised the point of this granted freedom to choose a party in which to align, but take it one step further yourself and realize the beauty in that FREEDOM is to be able to change if you so desire. Circumstances and culture (work, home etc) dictate much of how we think and behave and therefore we need to celebrate our ability to adapt and align and CHANGE! Do I think Jim Rutledge will pull and Arlen Spector? NO. Even if he had ever considered it, the lesson of the fall of Arlen screams a loud message that voters from ANY PARTY do not support OPPORTUNISTS!

    Prejudice: Let’s talk about your amazing ability to make your readers think that you are prejudice. You made comments about ATTORNEYS: “Just what Washington needs. Another Attorney. Wasn’t Arlen Spector an attorney? …” I know you are mature enough to not do a class lump as such. In this case, it is professional class. Not all attorneys are “bad”, “ambulance chasers”, etc. Just like not all doctors are, “rich white people”. A person should not be described by his profession and a person makes a grave mistake when they identify themselves as their own profession. You tread in dangerous territory by making a blanket statement as such. An example would be assuming that all garbage men are high school drop-outs or all persons w/ brown skin are illegal. Again, I know that your statement was merely a result of your emotion and that you really do not intend to attack any one profession without any merit based proof of anything. Each profession has it’s bad apples but for every one bad apple, there are apples who have integrity and ethics that allow for them to conduct themselves above the “assumed norm and expectations placed upon” them by others!

    Mr. Rutledge’s website (verbal content) is his own. How do I know this, I work for his campaign. In the spirit of integrity, I will share this with you. Being a true fiscal conservative, he is not borrowing money for this campaign, the funds for everything RUTLEDGE has been raised by grassroots efforts across this state; He wrote his own website and did not hire a political consultant. For me, this screams AUTHENTICITY and for anyone to make attacks about that needs to consider why they feel they way that they do and check those emotions again at the door. Mr. Rutledge is not a prior politician and therefore has not succumbed to or participated in the culture of political corruption that so many of “We the People” are sick and tired of.

    As far as his views on self imposed term limits. Do you really think that up until NOW that people knew or wanted to exercise their right to vote someone out? Most people, including myself, really did not (I use past tense b/c as of 2006, I matured in my political knowledge after a terrible scenario in San Francisco, CA with ACORN) bother to read, research, arm with information, etc. We are experiencing an unusual phenomenon in this country! People have made politics their lives purely based on the fact that they sense the erosion of personal freedoms. No longer do people make their lives free from politics. Yup, there are a few outliers, but for the most part, “the sleeping giant is awake”! How exciting! Now WE THE PEOPLE do realize that WE DO HAVE POWER VIA THE VOTE!!! And therefore we WILL VOTE THEM OUT! So please do not hammer Mr. Rutledge for “self imposed” term limits. Term limits, whether self imposed or deemed by the people (and perhaps someday, God willing, with the RIGHT mix of people in Congress, they will actually pass a bill that puts this limit back into place) are necessary to help insure that DC is allowed to “cleanse” itself from the “good ole boys” who are the make-up of the culture of corruption. NOTE: women fall into the “good ole boys” clasue as well and are not exempt.

    By the way…in the big circles of campaigns, it is common knowledge that costly ad campaigns this early in the primary season show a weakness. It is up to the Wargotz team, NONE OF US, to decide what that is. I am glad you utilize the freedom of information to obtain public records- keep doing the research and keep informing yourself! It is all we have…well informed citizens make the right choices for themselves and do not make knee jerk actions or reactions!

    Every campaign has it’s own approach to this process and we should not take it upon ourselves to criticize another’s work. Instead, applaud the courage the candidates have and applaud the common every day folk who are taking time from their lives and families to do what they believe is right. Do not take that away from ANYONE with your inability to check your emotions. It is clear to me that you would prefer to see an alignment of all Republicans to defeat Babs. Yes, that is the goal for all of us. YET, your written words leave the impression for the readers that you not putting your money where your mouth is.

    And for Eric’s record: it is what it is…freedom of information act is a beautiful thing and this American is proud to share that I do take the time to do my research and share the findings.

    Cecil- keep up the good work and thank you for maintaining a professional head.
    Bill- God Bless your courage and I want you to simply realize that for now, you have created a culture for the Wargotz campaign in a negative light of raw emotion left unchecked and attacks. Does not bode well for Mr. Wargotz & you do owe him an apology.

    Warm regards,


  2. Posted by Bill Cunningham on May 20, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    Whoa Nellie!!! Slow down there haus….
    Someone is jumping to conclusions. I actually saw Dr. Wargotz once in MoCo at Brewsters I believe it was. Yes, Jimbo too. I would have to call it a draw between the two on that occasion. I’m actually a fan of the true Constitutionalist in this race Stephen Dempsey. Does he have a chance? Probably not much of one but, I will see him through to Sept. 14. If he survives, all that much better. If not, I’ll tow the party line.
    Cecil, your hired gun researcher, did he look up who voted for or against those bills in QAC?
    Does he realise Dr. Wargotz is the ONLY Republican on the BOCC?
    Let the primary process work. You back your candidate, I’ll back mine and we’ll be much better off without the meddling of the RNC & MDGOP.
    Kimberly, was Jimbo paying you while you wrote that?


    • Posted by Kimberly Fernley on May 25, 2010 at 2:13 AM

      Looks like word got out about the above exchange of information. Dr. Wargotz put out a press release that if one is able to read between the lines, it was damage control. Hope a lesson was learned in the mix of all of this. All I am asking is for WE REPUBLICANS not to give Babs any fodder for which she can use to suck the life out of the elected one who moves on to the general election. Wisdom teaches us that fear is witnessed by one’s words and actions…undoubtedly she has teams of people looking for the jugular on Rutledge, Wargotz, etc.

      No, BC, I work for free! For starters, Jim is not authorized to pay me anything for my own work. Second of all, I have too much integrity to take someone’s work and call it my own. My work, my words, all from the heart. I suppose growing up military, pursuing military, having a mother who encouraged the art of “pen to paper” and an 18 year career in nursing, I had to finesse my word-smith skills! The road of effective communication is a long one to hoe and I am only half way there. However, I have been afforded ample opportunities to learn what to do and what NOT to do. And as I said previously, allowing emotion to seep into one’s frame of mind is totally destructive.

      My only regret is taking much time to find that you re-posted (BC) on this. Mommy duties trump my free time of trolling the over stuffed inbox on yahoo. That is why I have to get up at zero dark thirty to play catch up from time to time!



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