Help Save Maryland – Thursday, May 20 Town Hall on Immigration Just Got Better!

Subject: Help Save Maryland – Thursday, May 20 Town Hall on Immigration Just Got Better!

Just call Chief Manger of the Montgomery County Police ole Chicken Little, he is so fearful of taking on the Illegal Immigration, he would rather turn a blind eye. Shame on him. He is nothing more than a patsy for County Exec Ike Leggett. See below for the whole story.

New Panelist Added! – Michael Hethmon, General Counsel, Immigration Reform Law Institute (, will talk about why the new Arizona law is Constitutional and how Maryland is actually helping the cause.


Understanding the Impact of Illegal Immigration on the
States of Maryland and Arizona

Unemployment, Wasted Tax Dollars, Crime, Amnesty, CASA de Maryland


THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010
7:00PM – 9:00PM


Brad Botwin, Moderator
Director, Help Save Maryland –


Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA –

Impact of Illegal Immigration on our Population, the School System, and Environment
Update on Arizona law and how citizens can fight the open borders, illegal alien supporters

Leah Durant, Executive Director Progressives for Immigration Reform –
Illegal Immigration – Impact on Labor and Economics

Help Save Maryland
Update on Annapolis, CASA de Maryland activities promoting civil unrest, MD County cost breakdowns regarding illegal immigration

Additional Speakers to be announced

Citizens, Press and Media welcome

For more information contact: Brad Botwin, bb67chev or 240-447-1884

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger is making headlines again.

Manger, the "Barney Fife" of Maryland, is once again touting his lawless policy of not screening suspects or criminals, save the most violent, to determine their immigration status. Manger complains about a lack of officers to enforce immigration law as well as the chilling effect it could have on illegals coming forward to be witnesses.

Its a remarkably dishonest approach to law enforcement and public safety!

Please contact Chief Manger and remind him that his number one priority is to protect and serve the Citizens of Montgomery County. Rather than continuing his "Post-Mortem" crime solving policing practices, tell Manger we citizens would rather have Crime Prevention which includes getting illegal aliens out of our Communities BEFORE they actually commit a crime.


Immigrant checks could hush witnesses, Montgomery police chief says

By Dan Morse
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, May 17, 2010; B01

Outside a Wheaton nightclub last month, police say, a middle-aged Hispanic man watched a driver ram his Toyota Camry into the side of a Honda Accord, get out, stab one of the Accord passengers nearly to death, get back into his Camry and leave. The witness wrote down the Camry’s license plate number, waited for police and passed along the information.

What does that have to do with the nationwide debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law? More than you might think.

The help provided by the witness, said Montgomery County’s police chief, is just the kind of cooperation that could vanish if local police officers start aggressively enforcing immigration laws. And Chief J. Thomas Manger is emerging as a national voice in the debate over immigration laws and policing.

"I understand why a lot of folks in Arizona thought this was the solution," said Manger, who is scheduled to speak at a news conference Monday as the representative of the Major Cities Chiefs Association. "But I just know from a police chief’s perspective, there can easily be as many negative consequences."

Not everyone agrees with Manger, nationally or in Montgomery.

"It’s unfortunate that he has become a poster child for law enforcement and how to handle illegal immigration," said Brad Botwin, director of the anti-illegal immigration group Help Save Maryland. Manger’s approach, which relies heavily on federal agents, "doesn’t do nearly enough," Botwin said.

Under the Arizona law, scheduled to take effect in July, police officers would have to ask about the status of people they come into contact with whom they suspect could be in the country illegally. At least 10 other states are considering similar measures, according to the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative, a group opposed to the new law.

The question of how far local police should go on immigration isn’t new to the Washington area. The issue surfaced in Montgomery in 2008 and last year, when suspects with questionable immigration statuses were arrested in connection with a series of homicides.

One case that grabbed attention was the Nov. 1, 2008, slaying of a 14-year-old honor student aboard a commuter bus.

Two of the men convicted in that case — Gilmar L. Romero and Hector M. Hernandez — were illegal immigrants whose statuses had gone undetected during previous arrests in the county, according to police.

In response, Manger instituted a purposely restrained new policy. When officers arrest people in a violent crime or handgun crime, they now refer them to immigration agents. But officers are forbidden from asking people they come into contact with for lesser offenses about their immigration status.

Manger said it’s partly a question of staffing.

"Immigration law is as complicated, if not more, than tax law," Manger said.

"I don’t want one of my officers stopping somebody for running a stop sign and then spending the next two hours trying to determine if they’re here illegally or not," he said.

More broadly, Manger hopes to draw a sharp line between those arrested for serious crimes and everyone else police deal with so that those who are witnesses or victims and whose legal status is questionable won’t be scared to come forward.

Against that backdrop came the events of April 23, when Edwin Escobar-Salmeron, 29, noticed that his ex-girlfriend was out with other people in Wheaton, according to authorities. She and four others left in her Honda Accord.

A short distance away, Escobar-Salmeron rammed them with his car, got out, banged on the Honda and then stabbed a 27-year-old man five times, police said. Officers arrived to find the victim on the sidewalk, unresponsive and in a pool of blood.

Escobar-Salmeron’s ex-girlfriend initially didn’t say much to police. But Detective Kye Pak was able to speak with one of the Honda’s occupants, who told him that the assailant used to be the woman’s boyfriend. Then Pak got the license plate number.

The detective, who has worked in the department’s Wheaton district for seven years, estimates that 30 percent of those he comes into contact with are Hispanic. He said he would lose witnesses’ cooperation if he and other officers started making immigration inquiries beyond those they ask of people arrested for violent offenses.

And he doubts he would have gotten help from the license plate witness if Montgomery had a more aggressive policy or if the witness had immigration issues.

"There’d be no reason for him to stick around," Pak said.

Pak filed charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault, stalking and other counts against Escobar-Salmeron, who remains in the county jail pending action in his case.

Authorities say he is an illegal immigrant. And that gets to a broader point, say Botwin and those who advocate for more-aggressive local police policies regarding immigration issues.

Botwin calls for measures that he said would make illegal immigrants, such as Escobar-Salmeron, not want to live in Montgomery in the first place. Among them: police officers making immigration checks of more people they come into contact with who they suspect could have status problems, no government funding for day-laborer centers and cracking down on companies that hire illegal immigrants.


By Frosty Wooldridge
May 17, 2010

With Arizona’s New Law, the Worm Turns

U.S. attorney Eric Holder doesn’t like Arizona’s SB 1070 that addresses illegal aliens in that state. Unfortunately, he failed to read it! It mirrors federal statutes voted into law in 1986. President Barack Obama thinks it’s misguided, but again, he didn’t read it. Our U.S. Congress continues its indolent dance through the corridors of power while doing next to nothing—while citizens in fifty states celebrate with a 73 percent approval rating supporting Arizona’s right to secure its borders. Arizona expects to eject 460,000 illegal aliens—creating financial, criminal, medical, educational and incarceration havoc in that state. Ten other states enjoy legislators expecting to introduce SB 1070 in their own states.

La Raza, Maldef, Lulac and other open borders advocates hate the law—because it works!

Much like the wisdom of our third president Mr. Thomas Jefferson, he said that ultimate power must be administered by the states in the Union because they best could handle their own problems. For the past 30 years, the Federal Government under five presidents and Congresses—failed on every level to enforce immigration laws throughout the country, whether at the border or internally. The Congress winked, nodded, curtsied and blinked while 20 million illegal aliens walked, danced, lied, cheated, stole, forged and overstayed their visas into America.

Corporations like McDonald’s, Tyson Chicken, Hormel, Swift, Armor, Marriott and dozens of others lied, cheated and displaced American workers out of jobs—all in the name of profits and undermining American workers. In every state, roofing companies, construction firms, landscapers, contract painters and hotel-restaurant chains lied (still lie) through their teeth to hire illegals. Ski resorts and summer camps lied, cheated and hired incredible numbers of illegal aliens—for obscene profits.

Every time any citizens attempted to inject the ‘rule of law’ into the equation, they suffered names like ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’, ‘nativist’ and ‘hate-monger’. In reality, they demanded nothing more than the rule of law applied against those that broke the law!

While illegals rioted in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona when Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, Americans from sea to shining sea said, “It’s about time!”

Today, ten other states including Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Carolina and Texas stand in line to enact similar laws using the Arizona template.

As the worm turns, and as said so often in history, when the people lead, the leaders will follow. Fancy that!

During the days before Brewer’s signing the bill, U.S. Senator John McCain, perhaps the most ineffectual senator as to border security for over 30 years, stepped up to the microphone to urge Governor Brewer to sign the bill. Why? He’s about to lose his senate seat that he cherishes more than life itself! Why would anyone hang onto the seat of power well beyond his useful years? Hubris! False pride and ego gratification! He’s been an ineffective senator for three decades.

Note that Thomas Jefferson urged ‘term limits’ back in 1776! He knew that old men hate to give up their power—just like the ‘royals’ of Europe—whom he hated!

This past week, former vice-presidential candidate and ‘former’ open-borders and amnesty proponent Sarah Palin joined Brewer in voicing support for the state’s immigration law.

Both Brewer and Palin blamed Obama for the state law, saying the measure is Arizona’s attempt to enforce immigration laws because the federal government won’t do it.

“It’s time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, “‘We’re all Arizonans now,’” said Palin. “And in clear unison we say, ‘Mr. President: do your job! Secure our borders!’”

At that, I slap my jeans; roll my eyes, and wonder, “What took you so long Sarah?”

Why does it take millions of disgruntled Americans to join the Tea Party Movement before our U.S. Congress moves toward the task of securing our borders? They all placed their hand on the Bible, save two that placed their hands on the Koran, and swore to uphold the laws of this country. I wouldn’t expect anyone that swore on the Koran to do anything but destroy this country, but I DO expect Americans that swore on the Bible—to uphold our Constitution.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion….”

It’s about time you Barack Obama learn to lead or get out of the way. It’s about time you senators and House reps lead, or step out of the way—the bell tolls and it tolls for all of you hopeless Congress critters.

© 2010 Frosty Wooldridge – All Rights Reserved


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