Senator Don Munson makes up excuses – Has caused the middle class family losses in Income and Jobs

Subject: Senator Don Munson makes up excuses – Has caused the middle class family losses in Income and Jobs

To Herald Mail Editor,

Regarding this letter to the Editor

Munson updates residents on 2010 legislative session

In the Senator’s Letter to the Editor, he failed to mention when he stated that he voted against taxes and so on, this is not true, he voted for the Millionaires Tax Increase, which forced business’s out of Maryland, he also voted for Speed Cameras which is another form of Taxation to make up for lost revenue and not only that, last year, while voting for the Governor’s budget, he voted to furlough State Workers, which hit the Middle Class family hard. So while he may be a staunch conservative for 2nd Amendment Rights, he is an avid supporter of Governor O’Malley and pork barrel spending, and voted for tax increases, regardless of what he states in his Letter to the Editor. He also sided with Democrat, John Donoghue on making sure that Delegate Shanks, Healthcare Reform Act was not successful in being adopted. He also sided with Delegate Donoghue regarding the Correctional Bill of rights in which Delegate Shank amended the bill to allow union workers their own representation outside of the union. And while he may have come forth in support of E Verify this year, he did so after the pressure the voters put on him after his vote for a Million Dollars to Casa De Maryland, an Illegal Organization that assists Illegal Aliens obtain jobs in Maryland regardless of their Immigration Status. Quite frankly, Senator Munson is trying to save a failing career as our Senator, he see’s the writing on the wall and is desperate to maintain his position. Senator Munson, knowing that he has made terrible decisions regarding Illegal Immigration also chased down Help Save Maryland in the Halls of the State House, knowing there was noway he could escape his poor voting record and lack of protection for the citizens in District 2. It’s called Smoke and Mirrors and Senator Munson has become very well versed on this, after all, on the Senate Caucus floor, he threw a tirade that I hated the Governor and Senate President Mike Miller, to that I say, Senator, your wrong, I hate their politics and wasteful spending on Programs that do not help the Middle Class family. Come down from out of the clouds. Remember your friend, Commissioner Barr, who stated to me, after I presented in front of the board on E Verify, it’s a federal issue he said, but you have yet to get behind me on getting this implemented, so again, co sponsoring is one thing, but actually doing something about it is another. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of us all the time. Not to worry, the Herald Mail is so one sided in their reporting, this will not even be seen in the paper.

Jeff Werner


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