The Facts on Irresponsible Spending Comes out Regarding Senator Don Munson of Washington County – Republican

There was a very insightful article written by Andrew Schotz of the Herald Mail today that outlined the fact, that, only Donald Munson is for continued use and requests of Bond Money, which is, in fact, Tax Dollars. He would like to keep spending your Tax Dollars on Pork Barrel Projects, projects that do not provide economic relief to the citizens of our county, nor do they provide jobs, but fund things like Museums and Damn Restoration and UHMS. Okay, education is one thing, but other projects using Tax Dollars need to be put on hold until this state has become fiscally responsible again. We have faced deficit after deficit after deficit under this failure of a Governor and the Liberals in Annapolis and Huge Tax Increases are on the Horizon is this failure of a Governor gets elected again, and let’s hope and pray that does not happen, or there will be a mad exodus out of Maryland that will make the last one look tiny. They have out spent more than Maryland as actually taken in, and for Senator Munson to continue supporting Pork with Tax Dollars is disgraceful. There are more important needs for tax dollars, such as Safety for the Citizens by providing the funds our Sheriffs department needs to expand the jail system that can not temporarily hold the illegal aliens that Sheriff Mullendore has been arresting, we can use that money, once the jail system has expanded to get ICE into our County and provide a Liaison for the County.

The money could go towards providing the Maintenance on our Fire Engines and Fire Houses to keep them up to date with the best and latest technologies. It should be requested for our County School system to get books, help fund the library’s in the school system for more computers and technology. You get the picture. Not for fixing Dam Issues, or Museums. Tax Dollars should be used for the most important needs of the County, nothing more, nothing less. In the article, it proves that Senator Munson, again, is a lone wolf in the crusade and his only supporter is John Donoghue, a Democrat and someone he is helping on his campaign to keep a Republican out of that seat. Funny, isn’t it, a Republican helping a Democrat to keep a Republican out of a seat in which we need Conservative Leadership? Sounds like treachery to the party to me, and yes, I have let the MDGOP know this. Senator Munson support comes from Donoghue, Commissioner Barr and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, god bless him, but he needs a change and retire. Roscoe’s time is past. Congress is going to change this year. So in closing, I just want to remind those, again, who are we to be requesting Tax Dollars for Pork when the common Citizen can barely afford to scrape up a couple of pennies? What is more important, employing our county citizens, funding our schools with new books for the kids, protecting our citizens from the rising Crime in our county? Think about that when you go to polls and vote and ask yourself, who really will look out for your best interests?. I can name them, but it is the couple I can also name who won’t. Senator Edwards understand this very well, and his requests will benefit his constituents.

Washington Co. lawmakers split on using bond funds

–Some lawmakers said they oppose seeking bond bills as the state struggles to fill a budget gap.

"Being somebody of my convictions," Shank said, "I can’t, in good conscience, support that, and I think I have a fiduciary duty to my constituents to not be a part of it."

Serafini agreed.

"We must learn to live within our means," he said. "We must say no to some of these projects that are very good."

But Munson said the state still has a AAA bond rating, the highest.

Saying no to bond bills doesn’t mean the money won’t be spent, he said. Instead, it will go elsewhere.

"It’s taxpayers’ money," Munson said. "There’s no good reason why some of it shouldn’t flow back to worthy projects in Washington County."

Sen. George C. Edwards, R-Garrett/Allegany/Washington, said he’d support eliminating bond bills while the state gets a grip on its finances, but until the majority in Annapolis agrees – it doesn’t now – he’ll go after money for his district.

Washington County traditionally gets bond-bill money each year for at least a few projects.

This year, it received $100,000 for Deafnet Association Inc. and $100,000 for the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Munson, and Del. John P. Donoghue, D-Washington, who didn’t attend Wednesday’s breakfast, each secured half.

Munson also obtained $75,000 for the Rural Heritage Transportation Museum.

Jeff Werner


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