Rutledge Denounces Withdrawl Rumors Press Release

Subject: Rutledge Denounces Withdrawl Rumors Press Release
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Tuesday May 11, 2010
Jim Rutledge Denounces Withdrawal Rumor in Maryland Senate Race
Rutledge Proud To Be Leading Conservative Movement to Retire Barbara Mikulski

FOREST HILL, Maryland U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge denounced the rumor that he might withdraw from the U.S. Senate race and instead seek to become Maryland’s Attorney General. The Rutledge for Senate Campaign believes this is probably the first of many desperate acts that voters will see from liberal opponents. Jim Rutledge said, "You know you’re winning when your opponents start spreading rumors about you."

Taxpayers are standing firm across the nation in the effort to reform Washington and bring career politicians like Barbara Mikulski home. Election results continue to show proof that Americans are sick and tired of corporate bailouts and deficit spending. Uncontrolled spending supported by Barbara Mikulski is leading our nation down the path of financial ruin. The Congressional Budge Office projects that the federal budget will show a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars for 2010. Barbara Mikulski remains unapologetic for the financial disaster she has helped create. Mikulski and her Washington friends are driving America further into debt by borrowing and spending an estimated 600 billion dollars a year above revenue.

The Rutledge Campaign continues to gain momentum as Jim Rutledge’s conservative message of fiscal responsibility spreads throughout Maryland. Unlike Eric Wargotz, Jim Rutledge does not have a liberal track record to defend. Jim Rutledge has accepted the responsibility to lead Marylanders in this fight to end Barbara Mikulski’s spending spree. The constitutional principles set forth by our Founding Fathers will continue to guide Jim Rutledge in his campaign to help restore Washington and lead our nation out of debt.

Jim Rutledge said, "I’m humbled by the support I’m receiving from conservatives, from Tea Party activists, and from working men and women who are tired of a Senator that does not listen to them." In the coming months the Rutledge for Senate Campaign will persist in its efforts to provide a clear alternative to the liberal practices of Eric Wargotz and Barbara Mikulski.

For more information about Jim Rutledge and his campaign for U.S. Senate in Maryland, please visit the campaign online at

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Let’s be honest here: Rutledge already withdrew once in 2009, so it wouldn’t be too out of place for him to quit again. Actually, the attorney general contest is better one for him, but such is life.


  2. Posted by Arnie on May 13, 2010 at 7:36 AM

    Amedori was sharp enough to find a way out of her Senate bid after ending up only $3,000 in the hole after one quarter. How much more money is Jim willing to dump into his own race to keep it alive? He is already over $20,000 in the debt.


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