Re-Election Mail at Taxpayers Expense?

Subject: Re-Election Mail at Taxpayers Expense?

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This weekend the SalisburyDaily Times reported that Rep. Frank Kratovil (MD-1) spent over $320,000 of our money to communicate with district residents via mail. This practice is called “Franked” mail (no pun intended), and has been done by every Congressional representative for several decades. Many of these communications come in the form of large, full color glossy brochures and you may receive them from your representative on a regular basis.

The problem is that they have the look, feel and message of a campaign-style mailer, and we the taxpayers are picking up the tab. The article sites a line in a Kratovil communication where he is fighting “out-of-control spending” – which is a nice campaign slogan, but certainly not an explanation for a vote on an important bill.

The Congressman from the 1 st district is also one of the biggest spenders in Washington. Kratovil ranked 15 th out of 435 members when it came to franked mail. How can you claim to fight out-of-control spending when you are using taxpayer dollars to send campaign-style messages?

If Frank Kratovil is spending $320k, imagine how much the entire is spending! We are in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and unemployment is at 10%. There is no reason we should be paying millions of dollars so that the politicians in Congress can send gear up for their re-election campaigns. With the advent of email and the internet, there is little reason for franked mail. It costs too much and does not deliver enough bang for the buck.

AFP-Maryland encourages you to contact your representatives and tell them to stop wasting our money on franked mail.


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  1. Posted by anonymouse on May 13, 2010 at 7:30 AM

    In this mailer back in January ( he claimed credit for delivering 500 jobs to the shore for a State Department Training Facility to Queen Anne’s County. Later he back-peddled and said he no longer supported the project encountered local reistance. This article in the Washington Times explains the entire mess:


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