More Smoke and Mirrors From Tom Russell, OWE Malleys Campaign Manager – Talk about living in a fantasy world

More Smoke and Mirrors From Tom Russell, OWE Malleys Campaign Manager – Talk about living in a fantasy world

Governor OWE Malley, Largest Tax increase in Maryland’s History, Ran Business’s and Jobs out of the State, Furloughed State Workers, forced the Middle Class worker out of Jobs, grew the Structural Deficit over 2 billion annually to fund programs that do not help your families. Tom, wake up, your living in a Fantasy World full of delusions. Try being Honest with Maryland Voters. You do realize, that OWE Malleys grown budget over the last 3 years totals more than Governor Ehrlich’s combined budgets, don’t you? You do realize his grown budget was in line with the Maryland Economy and National Economy, right? Or did OWE Malleys Economic Guru not provide the numbers again, after all, Peter Franchot does not know anything about Fiscal Policies in Maryland, correct? He only told the Governor we didn’t need a special session that drained the tax dollar at 110k a day and to wait until he got the numbers first, oh, what about the PSC pay increases?, OWE Malley Staff Member Pay Increases?, or how about the largest staff in the country?, only behind Obama, or did you not get that memo? Or better yet, how about that Millionaires Tax Increase, boy that really worked out well, so did Slots. Hmmmm, guess the lime koolaide looks better from the inside. Did you also forget about subsidizing Illegal Immigration in Maryland as well, to the tune of almost 2 billion tax dollars annually? Guess all this slipped past you. Talk about a fantasy world. I want my pennies back, please?????????

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s campaign has run a radio ad criticizing former Gov. Robert Ehrlich on his own radio show.

The ad, which ran twice on the WBAL-AM radio program Saturday, says Ehrlich must be living in a "fantasy land" to say he left office with hundreds of millions of dollars in budget surplus.

Ehrlich talked about the ad after it aired.

He questioned why O’Malley’s campaign would run the ad at a time when the state Democratic party is contending that program sponsors are in effect subsidizing Ehrlich’s campaign.

The Maryland Democratic Party did file a formal complaint with the State Board of Elections.

The Board asked Attorney General Doug Gansler to investigate the matter.

Ehrlich did not address the ad’s message. He said that will be for another time.

Ehrlich did include his former budget secretary Chip DiPaula as a guest on the program, who defended Ehrlich’s record.

The O’Malley ad uses a sound bite from Ehrlich and his budget Secretary Cecilia Januszkiewicz, who later succeeded DiPaula.

The Republican candidate says he plans to keep his radio show until he formally files to run against O’Malley. The filing deadline is July 6..

O’Malley campaign manager Tom Russell told WBAL News that "the ad is clear and direct. Bob Ehrlich raised spending more than any governor in modern history. Bob Ehrlich raised taxes and fees by $3 billion. And Bob Ehrlich left a structural deficit that governor O’Malley had to clean up – even his own budget director admitted to that."


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