U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge Official Press Release Stands with Delegate Pat McDonough on the Arizona Act – Illegal Immigration

Tuesday May 4
Contact: Jim Rutledge
Jim Rutledge Pledges Support to Pat McDonough in Maryland Effort to Fight Illegal Immigration
Jim Rutledge Criticizes Barbara Mikulski for Supporting Amnesty Bill
FOREST Hill, Maryland- Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge of Maryland joins Delegate Pat McDonough in the fight to defeat amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants and secure the Southern border with Mexico. McDonough is encouraging Marylanders to sign a petition in support of the Citizens of Arizona. Candidates for office in Maryland along with members of the General Assembly will be provided surveys asking them whether they agree with Arizona’s approach. Jim Rutledge said, “We have a responsibility to enforce the laws and secure our borders.”
The Rutledge for Senate Campaign believes that Maryland should end the present policy of “catch and release” which continues to heighten the growing number of gang related problems. Barbara Mikulski continues to sit idle while the safety of our communities is in jeopardy. The cost of not enforcing the immigration laws combined with liberal spending practices supported by Barbara Mikulski is forcing Maryland deeper into debt. Jim Rutledge said, “Last year, Maryland spent in excess of 1.4 billion of taxpayer money supporting the illegal population in the state.”
Jim Rutledge who possesses years of experience with constitutional law and criminal procedure believes the new Arizona law is reasonable and constitutionally sound. States like Maryland and Arizona have waited for years for Washington to enforce immigration laws but have failed to do so. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said, “But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created an unacceptable situation.” Jim Rutledge opposes the attempt by Barbara Mikulski and Harry Reid to pass the Amnesty Bill. Washington needs to enforce federal laws and not reward those who break our laws and threaten the security of our nation.
For more information about Jim Rutledge and his campaign for U.S. Senate in Maryland, please visit the campaign online at www.rutledgeforussenate.com
Paid for by the Rutledge for U.S. Senate 2010 Committee.

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