The DNC is nothing more than Malcontents and Cry Baby’s and Whiners – Ehrlich lawyer calls for end of law firm probe

Subject: The DNC is nothing more than Malcontents and Cry Baby’s and Whiners – Ehrlich lawyer calls for end of law firm probe

Maybe the RNC Maryland should start a probe into Tom Russells emails to state workers requesting Campaign Donations to the OWE Malley campaign. Or how about a probe into forcing the Teachers Union in to Phone Banking for the O’Malley campaign in 2006. What does the DNC have to say about That? Nothing of course, they are above the Rhetoric, right? They are never at fault, right? But they have plenty of fabrications on their website, that’s for sure. I see how this whole campaign is shaking down, the O Malley administration is going to try and divert the real issues on to issues that don’t matter, like ridiculous insinuations and ridiculous unfounded probes. Typical of the Left in Maryland, always trying to hide from their Mistakes and Failures. Or should I say, running a Smoke and Mirrors campaign.

Ehrlich lawyer calls for end of law firm probe

John Wagner

A lawyer for Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s campaign is urging the state elections board to terminate a probe of whether the former Republican governor’s law firm has improperly aided his comeback bid, arguing that the matter is moot because Ehrlich (R) has not officially filed as a candidate.

Prompted by a complaint by the Maryland Democratic Party, the State Board of Elections wrote Ehrlich’s camp last month, asking a number of questions about Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice — and specifically the role of Henry Fawell, a former Ehrlich press aide employed by the law firm.

The Democrats contend that Womble Carlyle’s Baltimore office became a "de facto campaign office" for Ehrlich and that services provided by Fawell, who was frequently quoted in the media about the status of Ehrlich’s candidacy, may have violated campaign finance laws.

"Because Governor Ehrlich has not filed a certificate of candidacy, the entire premise of your letter is wrong," John H. West III, a lawyer for Ehrlich, wrote to the State Board of Elections in a letter dated April 29 that was made public by the Ehrlich campaign Monday. "All of the charges in your letter are misplaced, and the inquiry should be terminated."

Though Ehrlich kicked off his campaign last month, he has not filed papers with the elections board, which are due in early July. He has said he plans to continue co-hosting a weekly radio show with his wife until that time as well.

West’s letter also objects to the reach of the questions posed by the state board, arguing that "what Womble Carlyle does as a private law firm in assigning its employees to the public and private matters of the firm simply is not in the purview of the election board." And he states that "there is no formal relationship" between Ehrlich’s campaign committee and the law firm.

In the "hopes of closing out this inquiry now," the letter goes on to relay several points about Womble Carlyle. Among them: Three former members of Ehrlich’s gubernatorial communications staff — Fawell, Greg Massoni and Paul Schurick — have been employed by the law firm. Massoni resigned March 31, the letter says. Fawell and Schurick have become part-time employees, as has Chris Massoni, Ehrlich’s assistant and scheduler.

The letter says that Fawell has received media inquiries, "the overwhelming majority" of which he did not initiate. "Mr. Fawell responds to those calls when he can, while attending to his normal work and tasks at Womble Carlyle. … We dare say that many other businesses and law firms here in Maryland and across the United States employ people with very similar profiles, work obligations and habits."

A copy of West’s entire letter is available here: Ehrlich lawyer letter on Womble Carlyle.pdf

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