Byron York – Enforcing immigration law would be a bargain

Byron York – Enforcing immigration law would be a bargain

For the majority of Arizonans the source of frustration is not the absence of comprehensive reform. It is the federal government’s half-hearted enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. And what is seldom discussed in the current controversy is how little — in relative terms — better enforcement would cost.

Susan Ferrechio – Democrats resist plan for border security bill

Despite mounting pressures for more border security in the wake of Arizona’s illegal-immigration crackdown, lawmakers have no intention of tackling the problem at the federal level with legislation focused solely on border security.

Instead, the Democratic majority in the House and Senate plan to attempt a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would create a pathway to citizenship for the millions who are here illegally.

Julie Mason – White House adopts harsher tone with BP as oil mess worsens

As the oil slick from a disastrous rig explosion menaced the Louisiana coastline and political fallout intensified, the White House promised to keep “our boot on the throat of BP.”

Sara Carter – U.S. military growing concerned with Obama’s Afghan policy

In private discussions, soldiers who are fighting in Afghanistan, or recently returned from there, questioned whether it is worth the sacrifice and risk for a war without a clear-cut strategy to win.

Retired Army Reserve Maj. Gen. Timothy Haake, who served with the Special Forces, said, “If you’re a commander of Taliban forces, you would use the withdrawal date to rally your troops, saying we may be suffering now but wait 15 months when we’ll have less enemy to fight.”

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