Casa De Maryland Publishes 8 Page Book Teaching Illegal Immigrants how to avoid the law.

Subject: Casa De Maryland Publishes 8 Page Book Teaching Illegal Immigrants how to avoid the law.

In case the State House and Governor and Councils need any reminding. Here is the link to Casa De Maryland’s published book on how to avoid the LAW if they are being questioned. Enjoy the read and again, I want to thank you for assisting in the promotion of this Group with our Tax Dollars and how they abuse the rights and laws in Maryland with their propaganda. For those of you who are supporting this organization, you are not American, but Anti American and a Front for an organization who continues to promote lawlessness activities in our state. Look no further then their actions in DC during their protest where one of their key Promoters, Congressman Luis G, a Socialist Democrat non the less got arrested for inciting. We stand with Arizona in enacting the same law here in Maryland and enforcing Immigration Laws that the law makers in Annapolis have continuously ignored. We are demanding that all counties put E Verify on the books to restore jobs back to the legal citizens and legal immigrants and to work with ICE to get 287g in all counties. This is what my Senator, Don Munson devoted 1 million dollars of tax money too a building for Casa, and he does not even reside in PG or MOCO County, but sides with those who are Delegates and Senators from those Counties. Maybe Tim Rowland of the Herald Mail can write a news worthy piece on this, but I doubt it, he is stuck to Don like glue.

CASA de Maryland: distributing book telling illegal aliens how to avoid law

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CASA de Maryland created a major controversy by distributing an eight-page book telling illegal aliens how to avoid law enforcement authorities. The CASA book, Know Your Rights (PDF) tells illegal aliens not to carry "any documents from your country of origin" and that "providing your name" to a police officer "has risks" because "your name can be used to start a deportation process." It flatly says, "Don’t provide government officials information about your immigration status."

Link to book you need adobe reader to view

Here’s some clips
from their book…
Do not open the door. Ask the officer to slip the warrant underneath
the door. If you open the door and allow the official to come into the
house, this may be considered giving him/her “consent” to
enter. If s/he enters without a warrant, request the names
and badge numbers of the officers and say that you
did not “consent” to a search. Also, write down the
names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who
witnessed the incident.

In some states, it is a minor
crime not to provide your
name when asked by a police
officer. While punishment
for these crimes is minor,
you still could be arrested for
not providing your name.
Remember that providing
your name has risks, and that
your name can be used to
start a deportation process.

Talk with your co-workers to see if they are willing to
make a collective decision that everyone – regardless of their
immigration status – will remain silent and ask to speak with an
attorney in the event of a workplace raid.
Tell co-workers not to run and to remain calm if there is a raid.
If there is a union at your workplace, contact your union spokesperson
to find out more about preparing for a raid.

they even have a little cut out wallet card to hand to police that reads
Please be informed that I am choosing to exercise
my right to remain silent and the right to refuse
to answer your questions. If I am detained, I
request to contact an attorney immediately. I am
also exercising my right to refuse to sign anything
until I consult with my attorney.
Thank you.


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