Maryland State Republicans call on Dr. Eric Wargtoz to Debate Jim Rutledge – Dr. Wargotz refuses

Okay, so finally, I have decided to make it known that I am standing in Jim Rutledges corner for our next Senator to defeat Barbara Mikulski for US Senate.  Let’s explain a few things why.  First off, why is Dr. Wargotz afraid to debate Jim Rutledge?  I have a few ideas why.  Let’s get to them.

A.  Jim Rutledge stands with the Patriots of Maryland to help fight and battle the Illegal Immigration issue.  He understands how this cost’s the citizens of Maryland and the United States billions of Dollars annually.  He is steadfast and does not sway on his stances.  He is a principled man humbled by who he has become.  Dr. Wargotz, when I attended a kickoff campaign last year in Frederick, when asked the question, what is your stance on the Illegal Immigration issues surrounding our Country and State.  Answer, not really one.  Also, many members of my Republican Club also were left scratching their heads as they felt as though they really did not get any solvent answers to their questions.  They felt like it was typical political rhetoric and not genuine.  Many people from around the state have gotten back to me on Jim Rutledges speeches and have come back from them feeling as though their questions were answered, no doors left open regarding Illegal Immigration. 

B.  The many ties to the Democratic Party –  It is now known that Dr Wargtoz has made many campaign donations to the likes of Deshern Baker, Democrat for County Exec in PG County.  The number I was told was close to 20k.  His campaign donation or donations to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a total political reject who was so unqualified to run as Governor.  Worst yet, Dr. Wargotz therefore put his money in the pocket of someone who was running against Bob Ehrlich.  The GOP Sweetheart at the time.  There have been other donations as well to the liberals in Maryland, however, while researching Jim Rutledge, I have yet to find these types of donations to the Socialist’s in Maryland.  It concerns me that he leans to the left and not truly a Conservative Republican, but on the Ticket, in Name Only. 

C.  Let’s look at something that really disturbs me, Audrey Scott’s son working on the Wargotz Campaign, and at every turn, The GOP Chair is right there where Wargotz is.  Offering assistance.  Isn’t she supposed to remain neutral until after the primary?  But all indications I am seeing and receiving is that she may have already made up her mind.  I hope this is not true.  Dr. Wargotz is not the man for the job.  He is to liberal, he is not a fiscal conservative.  Sure, he knows the healthcare bill and what is wrong with it, but we all know what is wrong with it.  But honestly, if you had your choice of someone fighting for you in DC, would you want a Left Leaning Republican, or A Conservative Republican, a Fiscal Conservative and one who would have the laws of Illegal Immigration upheld.  Truly, when I see Dr. Wargotz, I see a younger version of Barbara Mikulski.  When I have spoken to him, I get the feeling that if you get in his way, or if you do not agree with him, you are not worth keeping around.  However, I have always been able to express my opinions freely. 

At one point I had decided to stay clear of the Senate race.  I have friends, close friends involved in these campaigns and I just did not feel right expressing my opinion at the time.  I feel now is the time to express my opinion.  Dr. Wargotz told me that I said that I was supporting him, by my meager 10 dollar donation was not an offer of support, as Dave Wallace can attest as he was there with me at a campaign kickoff in Frederick.  What that donation was, was a token of Friendship and Offering to assist.  I have made a few donations to candidates when I have had the money.  Ron Miller, Neil Parrot, Eric Wargotz, and a couple of others, yet I have not even given a donation to the Men I support the most right now, Chris Shank for State Senate and Robert Ehrlich, Jeff Cline, Jim Woods, Corrogan Vaughn and Charles Lollar just to name a few.  I help out in other ways and I expect nothing in return.   But when Dr Wargotz had finally figured out that I was not going to back him, he kinda gave me the razz ma tazz.  Or should I say, The Jazz as Mr. T once said, Dude, Your On The Jazz. 

I could go on writing for a long long time, but that is not the point of this.  The point is, a 10 dollar donation does not give you my support, it’s a token of appreciation for making yourself heard.  We need a debate.  Dr. Wargotz needs to clean up this mess he has created for himself as should Audrey Scott the GOP Chair.  I have plenty of insider information, but I have promised friends that I would not make certain things public until the time is right.  I fight for the righteous and those whose freedoms are continuously being attacked for just following the Law of the Constitution.  It’s a shame. 

I would like to make a very special comment here.  I strongly admire the courage and strength of one Corrogan Vaughn, A middle weight in training to become a heavy weight.  He is a man of devout passion and liberties.  A strong man of faith and of the people.  I truly hope that he decides to drop his Senate campaign, not because anyone thinks he would lose, but because we need a man of passion like his in Annapolis to help reshape and strengthen Maryland.  The More Corrogans we have in the State House, the better off for Maryland.

In closing, I hope Dr Wargotz does not take this personal, as it is not meant to be personal, it’s one man’s view in the Political Circus we have in our State.  And yes, it is quite the circus.  We have a clown for a Governor, Ring Master in Mike Miller, and Elephant Trainer in Mike Busch.  The problem is, we need Lions, Tigers and Bears to cure the states Ill’s.  We must tackle our problems at home first before we can tackle them nationwide.

To this I say, Come On Eric, why are you afraid to challenge Jim to a debate?  Maryland Republican Voter’s want it, they need it, and they want to see it.  Let’s see if you have the strength to take it head on and come forth with direct answers to direct questions.  No Rhetoric, just tells us why. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brett on May 6, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    Yes, thank you! Jim Rutledge is the best conservative candidate and we MUST make sure Eric Wargotz is not nominated by the GOP… He donated $200 to STENY HOYER in the past along with $22,000 to Baker (Liberal running for County Executive in PG County). If Wargotz is the nominee, America and Maryland will be lost once again! Vote JIM RUTLEDGE and AMERICA WILL BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO FREEDOM! God Bless.


  2. Posted by Arnie on May 6, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    I don’t see how a wingnut with no funding is going to beat Mikulski in the general


  3. Is Audrey Scott’s son helping the Wargotz campaign? I campaigned on this concern when I ran for chairman against her. She promised some Republican clubs that that would not happen. I have my previous press releases, should you need them. It was the #1 problem I had with Audrey: lack of fairness because of her son.


  4. Posted by Arnie on May 8, 2010 at 7:45 AM

    Whig Man – isn’t Audrey Scott’s son a grown man living under his own roof and capable of making his own decisions about who to help out? You seem to have an extreme ethics code that no other organization or government subscribes to. How far would your Audrey Scott ban on involvement extend? To her grandchildren? To her nieces and nephews? To her brothers and sisters? Maybe her friends and members of whatever organizations she belongs to should be banned from helping out on campaigns as well.


  5. Posted by Michelle on May 10, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    Arnie-I understand that her son is a grown man, but come on – it’s her son. Mothers will do anything to see their sons happy and successful (I know, I am one), or at least their instinct is to do that. While banning his involvement in the Wargotz campaign is over the top, you have to admit the conflict of interest. It’s common sense.

    That being said, I’m not too worried about the Scott family and any influence over the primary. This primary race will be decided by who can galvanize the grass-roots volunteers across the state. Neither Wargotz nor Rutledge has run away with a campaign cash advantage, both have a very high wall to climb to get anywhere near Mikulski. That being said, of the two, Rutledge is clearly the conservative in the race and the momentum is all his right now. As is true all over the nation, the conservatives are fired up and want real conservative representation. Moderates are in no-man’s land, and rightly so. I think the conservatives will show up in MD, and their guy is Rutledge.


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