Lt. Governor Candidate Carmen Amedori Leaves Camp Murphy, Throws Support behind Bob Ehrlich for Governor

As Republicans gather in Ocean City for their spring meeting this weekend, there is finger pointing among the gubernatorial candidates.

The running mate of businessman Brian Murphy, former Delegate Carmen Amedori, today withdrew her support for Murphy and threw her support behind former Governor Bob Ehrlich.

Amedori, who was a parole commissioner in Ehrlich’s administration, said today that Ehrlich represents the best hope for Republicans to win the state house this fall.

Muprhy’s called the news “disappointing” and said Ehrlich pressured Amedori to leave his campaign.

“This changes nothing,” Murphy told WBAL News..

Frankley Ehrlich knows that I’m a threat. He knows I can raise money.  All the things to be credible.  He just tested my mettle.  Well  congratulations you did I’m still in.”

For his part, Ehrlich’s only comment came in a statement released through his campaign.

“I want to thank Carmen for her support and for the faith she has shown in my efforts to put Maryland back on the path to economic prosperity,” Ehrlich said.

“Carmen will be a tremendous asset to our campaign as we reach out to everyday Marylanders who share our vision of more jobs, lower taxes, and less government spending.”

Nearly two weeks ago, Amedori abandoned her own bid for U.S. Senate, and joined Murphy on the ticket.

Ehrlich and Murphy are both attending the party convention.


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