Delegate Pat McDonough to introduce the Arizona Act in Maryland’s General Assembly next year

Delegate Pat McDonough Will Introduce Arizona Bill in Maryland

News Conference: Friday, April 30, 2010, 12 noon at the Pikesville Hilton Office Building, WCBM radio station, 1726 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21208.

For information or interviews, contact Delegate McDonough at 410-238-0025 or

Talking Points:

1. Delegate McDonough has been a recognized leader on the immigration reform issue. He has introduced numerous pieces of legislation in the Maryland General Assembly and appeared on national news programs on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other stations.

2. Delegate McDonough will introduce a bill in the 2011 Maryland General Assembly session that will replicate the Arizona immigration law.

3. Delegate McDonough will send a survey letter to all candidates for Governor and Maryland General Assembly asking for their position on the issue in order to inform the public. Mr. McDonough will post his findings with the news media and on a website prior to the election.

4. Delegate McDonough has invited Senator Pierce from Arizona, the primary sponsor of the new law, to visit Maryland as a guest speaker at a future event.

Remember to tune in to The Pat McDonough Radio Show on Saturday evenings from 8 to 10 on WCBM Radio, 680 am. Also, our TV show, Pat McDonough Rally for America, is being aired on Sundays, Channel 206 in Baltimore County.

For more information & interview, contact Delegate Pat McDonough at 410-238-0025 or

Or To Proceed To His Website,

Delegate Pat McDonough | P.O. Box 15470 | Baltimore | MD | 21220


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jack friese on May 2, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Dear Delegate Pat:
    Unfortunately, I cannot vote for you I WISH I COULD. My district is Arbutus and I am stuck (until November 2, 2010) with delegates deBoy and Malone together with senator Kayse-meyer. In other words, I have no representation. I have some issues going on with HHR/DSS and for more than five months, I have asked Malone and Deboy, “who is in charge of oversight at HHR/DSS”. They have ducked, bobbed and weaved without an answer for five months. I have sent them email after email and there is seldom a response and if they do reply the question is never answered.

    I am hoping you can tell me who I can contact to request an oversight review and investig-ation of illegal behavior by DSS and HHR personnel, including the director Timothy Griffith. I have sent emails to Gansler’s office about my request for an investigationof this illegal behavior. All I get back is a canned, thank you for your email, we will get back in contact with you. It is shameful and a disgrace although it is almost understandable as he is part of the O’Malley machine. It should really be rather easy to find out who is in charge of oversight for DSS/HRR. I am hoping you can help me. Certainly Secretary Donald and her assistant deputy secretary Rodgers isn’t interested in resolving these issues. The issues are so offensive, they point to significant malfeasance in their operation. Ther merely wish to stick their heads in the sand and hope I go away. I won’t.

    I listen to your Saturday evening program on WCBM and have tried to call in; but, your show is so popular, it is difficult to get through. I hope you had a good series of meetings yesterday. Really we need folks like you, Bob Ehrlich, Ken Holt, Bill Franks and other like
    minded politicians. I know you are going to win in November, the challange is to get Ehrlich back in Annapolis together with another twelve or so delegates who share your philosophy. I will try to get to your Pizza party on May 20th, to contribute to your cause. We need to THROW THE BUMS OUT.

    I am also very interested in this illegal immigrant mess. It is horrible and I appreciate your efforts. Can you let me know who is Montgomery county is in charge of enforcing and taking to task the ower of a machine shop that hires illegal workers. From what I understand, the powers to be in Montgomery County have no problem with illegal workers. It is absurd and points to the mess our county is in. Thid shop has only a few illegals; but, it is still bad and illegal behavior.


    Jack Friese 443 992 8031


  2. Posted by Joan Wilson on May 18, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    I totally support your efforts to introduce legislation regarding illegal immigration in the state of Maryland. thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the citizens of Maryland. Joan Wilson 2003 Denbury Dr. Baltimore, Md 21222


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