Casa De Maryland states the will cause Civil Disobedience and Discourse and Plan on being Arrested on Arizona’s new law, the Arizona Act in DC Tomorrow – Aren’t You Glad to have them reside in Maryland?

To the General Assembly and Voters of Maryland and Montgomery County and Prince George’s County,

The organization who assist illegal aliens in Maryland plan on causing a Civil Uprising and Discourse in DC tomorrow for their May Day event. They feel as though the Arizona Act is and act of racism. What they don’t understand is, Illegal is Illegal and it is not racist. It is a Federal Felony to enter this country illegally and you can and will be held and deported. That’s the law. If you don’t like it, get out of here. If you want to stand in line and get your visa’s legally, we will support you, however, if you are here illegally, we will report you, make sure the business’s are held accountable, and those detained here illegally will be deported. This is the United States and there are laws that must be followed. Apparently Casa De Maryland does not believe in the Laws of the Constitution of the United States. They blatantly promote Illegal Immigration on their website. Gustavo Torres is a disgrace to all legal immigrants in Maryland as he has made the problem worse with his Pro Illegal Alien Stance.

So, I want PG and Montgomery Counties to know, that you are housing an Organization that is going to promote Lawlessness in Washington DC tomorrow and have stated they will get arrested if need be to make their point. Well that is fine with us, then we can check the status of those arrested and then deport them if they are not here legally. This is my Country and My State and you have no rights under the Constitution to Promote Lawlessness activities that put peoples lives in danger. It is time to force this group of People out of our State and Country. We will also make sure their funding continues to be cut. You will not live off my tax dollars and any Delegate and Senator who has supported this group is Anti American and you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you love Illegal Aliens that much, leave your papers at the door on the way out of Maryland. We don’t want you here. Get out.

Shall I list the Delegates and Senators who have supported this organization with out Tax Dollars? I can, but I don’t want to embarrass you in the public eye, but will hold you accountable in private with my emails that will continue until you follow the letter of the law. This organization must be disbanded and funding cut. We successfully had 300k cut from their request for 500k from the General Assembly, now we will go to the Prime Counties and make sure they continue to follow the law and cut their funding to Casa De Maryland.

Casa De Maryland gets donations from Hugo Chavez, the Anarchist of Venezuela. Is this someone we want funneling his donations into Maryland to a group that assists and promotes Illegal Immigration?

The Arizona Act will be put forth to the Assembly next year, and those who get voted out this year will not have a chance to have their say.

Governor O’Malley believes this is a Federal Issue, but how in the hell can you say that when the Illegal Aliens in my State are sucking us dry of 2 billion dollars annually? Taking our Jobs? These are state issues, not a federal issue in Maryland. Time for this Governor to stop being a patsy for the Illegal Aliens in our State and time for him to enact the laws of Illegal Immigration. Oh, to Dumais, Ramirez, Frosh, Hixson, Vallario, Ana Sol, Susan Lee, Donna Edwards, Chris Van Hollen, Ben Barnes and the others who front Casa De Maryland for our Tax Dollars, you are not an American. You are a sellout.


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  1. Posted by Kevin Waterman on April 30, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    On what basis are you arguing illegal immigration is a felony crime. According the Title 8, section 1325 of the U.S. Code, the punishment for illegally entering the country is:

    “for the first commission of any such offense, [to] be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both”

    Considering the general definition of a felony is a crime with a punishment of jail time greater than 1 year, that would make illegal immigration only a misdemeanor offense.

    This would seem to be backed up by Greg Siskind, who notes that under federal law a deportation hearing is a civil proceeding, while Arizona’s new law makes illegal presence a criminal offense, which entitles the accused to get court-appointed legal counsel, at the taxpayers’ expense,


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