Candidate Corrogan Vaughn Supports the Arizona Act and stands with Pat McDonough

Vaughn 4 America

Press Release
Friday, April 30, 2010
-For Immediate Release-

Today at noon Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough will announce his intent to propose the Arizona bill in the Maryland General Assembly in the 2011 Session. This bill empowers police to ask for proof of legal residency in the United States. Corrogan R. Vaughn pledges his support in this effort.

Corrogan announced today “Illegal immigration cost Marylanders $900.00 in taxes each year on average. It is a serious issue; which has been ignored for far too long. Illegal immigration is a threat to our economy and our security. I commend Del. McDonough for his efforts to protect the wallets and persons of Maryland. It is efforts like these that embody my campaign theme…Putting people and principles over Party and Politics”.

Corrogan R. Vaughn has been discussing this issue since his campaign announcement and his solutions can be found in the “Proven Deal” which is available on our website: or our Facebook Fanpage: Corrogan R. Vaughn.


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