In DC, it’s about politics. In Arizona, it’s about survival.

United Patriots of America
Send this link to every Local, State and Federal politician and government official that you can and tell them to
Secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.
And remind them about the upcoming election also.

Should Phoenix let the rule of law collapse because Washington prefers political correctness to public safety? In DC, it’s about politics. In Arizona, it’s about survival.
Border disorder
Mexico: the real war next door
Ralph Peters
South of the border, down Mexico way, a new and savage revolution rages just beyond our inspection lanes. After less than five years of fighting, estimates of the dead have reached 22,000.
The rate of killing accelerates each month. And Washington covers its eyes like a kid at a scary movie. Well, the Mexican narco-insurgency, in which well-armed guerrilla forces confront the authority and presence of the state, is our No. 1 security challenge.
The chaos in northern Mexico has far deeper implications for our country than Islamist terror or even an Iranian nuclear capability (as grim as those threats are).
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