Governor O’Malley Offers No Solutions during Visit To Hagerstown – Says Ehrlichs Radio Show is Unethical and Mean Spirited, but he can still have it and his Golf Game

Governor O’Malley Offers No Solutions during Visit To Hagerstown – Says Ehrlichs Radio Show is Unethical and Mean Spirited, but he can still have it and his Golf Game

Funny, did anyone mention the Governor having his own Gig in his Band? You know, the one he said he would not be playing with during his term as Governor? While the Governor toured Hagerstown on a Campaign stump, the Herald Mail reported that the Governor has no solutions to the States economic Demise and Disasters that have occurred under his administration. While Governor Ehrlich on the other hand has offered solutions to the states fiscal demise with tax cuts, jobs creation, bringing business’s back to Maryland and offering to help the Middles Class and Small Business owners. One would think, that, the term, I Hope I don’t have to raise taxes again would be truthful, when actually, under the current Tax and Spend Administration, he has grown the budget by over 10 percent during a National Recession. It is very unfortunate that the Governor offered no solutions. You would think, that since it is his administration that put us in the situation we are in he would have some, but his whole term has been about lack of transparency and lack of solutions. We are not blind as we once were 3 years ago when Maryland voters went to the polls and selected a Governor who had one of the worst records as a Mayor of a Big City, so what did people actually think when then selected him to be Governor? That actual change would take place? I don’t think so. The change that did take place was Massive Tax Hikes, Job Loss and Unemployment in Maryland that has reached an epic level. What has this Governor actually achieved under his 3 years in office? Well, lets lay that out. He successfully blew through the almost billion dollar surplus that Ehrlich had left him, so he would not have to deal with the budget, but then called a special session to create the largest tax increase in Maryland’s History. He did not listen to Comptroller Peter Franchot who asked the Governor to hold off on the Special Session until he had the actual numbers put together on Maryland’s potential revenue loss’s. He did manage to get huge pay raises to his PSC, to his Staff Members. Once stated that Slots would morally bankrupt the state, and here we are, under his constitutional amendment which ties down those wanting to purchase the license. How are slots working out? It’s obvious that under this administration, Illegal Immigration Costs have sky rocketed, the driver’s license fiasco that assimilated in almost 250,000 illegal aliens, which provided them with voting rights under Maryland’s Motor Voter Law. Marylander’s pay out close 2 billion dollars annauly to support those Illegal Aliens living here. Sex Crimes have been on the rise his guide. Maryland is now Number 1 in the Nation for Lack of Constitutional Freedoms, in the bottom 5 for a state to do business with, meaning, Maryland is not friendly to those Corporations at all. Has successfully chased out over 3000 business’s alone over the past year due to the Taxes and they have moved across state lines to Virginia where it is very friendly and not hostile towards the company’s that provide jobs. Maryland has some of the highest insurance premiums in the Country. Ranked in the top 3 for cost of living and overall taxation. Yes Maryland, that is the real change you have gotten under the current Tax and Spend Administration of Governor Martin O’Malley, Rated last in the United States on the Governor’s List for his lack of restraint and overspending and over tax burden on the people. We applaud your efforts, but real change will come November.

By the way Governor, what ever happened to your Radio Show on WTOP, Ask The Governor? Was that unethical?


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