Governor Martin O’Malley gets Protested in Aberdeen Maryland

Today, Governor Matin O’Liar met with the people of Aberdeen, funny thing happened on the way, hardly no one showed up except his own group of Goons and Protestors and very few supporters. Maryland is ready for change, change for the better. Once Marty Pinnochio OWE Malley is voted out, Real Change can start to take place. But rest assured, we must vote his croonies out of office as well if we want to make a difference.

I shook the bum’s hand today and I said” nothing personal but why did you give illlegal aliens $2 billion of our $$”. He asked my name and I gave it too him.((if I disappear* omalley did It.*) lol. His answer was that he likes to treat all fairly. Lol Their were only a handful of our group there and probably about a dozen of other protesters many without signs, but everyone of his

Supporters were his goonies in suits and many were our Tax $$ state employees. There was a girl who came over to me after it was over and she said omalley makes her sick and that she is a state employee and many of her co-workers were there for omalley. I bet most of his state workers are not in support of omalley but they get the rest of day off. So that is how omalley gets his supporters at our state agencies.
We had signs and were asked to step back out of park and I Insisted I was not moving. Cops backed off but omalley’s goons tried to give me a push and told me to Step back. I told him if he put his hands on me, I will call police and have it all over the media by Tonight. He backed off. I was truly ready to go to jail. My die hard supporters were there.. I tried to call c4 today and they were not doing owemalley today but he told me to send them an email. Notice his rally supporters. He thanked harford and Cecil county supporters for coming. Jeff I bet he didn’t have a dozen supporters there except for his goons and state workers. Tax $$ at work. Many local papers were there and interview all of us. Ehrlich In belair had hundreds compared to omalley and you can tell many were local..Owemally supporters dressed in suits were following me around and putting their signs In front of mine. It was so funny. I hope thats showed on TV. They actually walked around and got in front of us protesters. I gave out some printed links Describing omalleys secrets he never tells. And they cram everyone in a group then take pics so it looks like many when its not..


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