When you write articles or opinions about the Delegation, get your facts straight and stop skewing the electorate

Tim Rowland of the Herald Mail continues to skew the Facts in Reporting on the Delegation of Washington County. Feel free to share your opinions with Tim. timr Produce to facts for him so he can learn how to write a fair article. He is trying to help his friend Donald the liberal Munson who is in dire straits to retain his seat. He must loose, he is RINO and sides with OWE Malley Miller and Bussch.


What an embarrassing opinion you wrote today. Quite frankly, not because I am a Chris Shank supporter, but the fact, again, that you and your paper fail to produce the corresponding documentation that backs up WHY the bills Delegate Shank put forward failed. While you criticize his hard line stance on Pork Legislation, you fail to mention the bills that got defeated. Shall we list them for you? Quite frankly, your boy, RINO Munson, who has become a Democrat and lost his Values as a GOP’er and did not get passed any bills that would protect the citizens of Washington County. In fact, he worried more about Delegate McKee, whose only crime was looking at Child Pornography, and yes, Munson did say that and it is recorded.

Bills that Chris Shank purposed, those with meaning and substance, not hot air and insignificance. So while you are trying to Help RINO Munson, who is trailing by the way in the County Poll last taken, and by almost double digits, you better write a story of Substance as well, that shows how hard Chris is working for the People and not his own Career.

Shank bills include:

Healthcare Reform Act which would of protected Maryland Citizens and WaCo Citizens from having to pay the fines and fees under Obamacare, basically the same bill as was passed in Virginia

Amendment to the Correctional Bill of Rights which would have allowed officers to choose their own representation.

Repeal of the Fair Share Act, in which non union state workers are currently paying dues for.

E Verify attached to the Unemployment Insurance fund which would have verified whether that individual was legally able to obtain unemployment benefits, in other words, to make certain they are legal immigrants and citizens.

Justice’s Law, again defeated by the Pro Lawyer Delegates in Annapolis, which would put those in prison for killing a baby for life.

He also fought to strip Money from the Illegal Alien Group, Casa De Maryland in which he successfully had 300k stripped from them.

The bill he co sponsored with Delegate Jenkins on Illegal Immigration for Lawful Presence was killed without a vote in the House, thanks to Senator Nancy Jaoobs who voted against it in the Senate, which by the way, doing so, did not give our Delegates a chance to hear it in committee.

I have much much more I could share with you Tim, but since you and your newspaper are akin to not promoting Fair Opionions to all candidates, I have taken to educating the Public Myself. In closing, when you write a very skewed opinion like this, be sure to write the facts of the bills that were defeated, so the Electorate can see that Delegate Shank puts forth bills to protect Washington County Citizens and bills that would kill wasteful spending as opposed to RINO Munson who left his principles behind when the 90 day session starts.

Again, you disappoint me with your skewed opinion. As my voice continues to grow amongst Washinton County Voters, they are learning about Don Munson and they have stated, I did not know this about him and are not going to vote for him this time. The Selling out of votes and deal making that does not benefit the Protections of our Citizens is a true disgrace and support of such measures is an abomination and a slap in the Face to the Electorate. Shall I tell you some stories Tim, some that may make you change your opinion on who Donald Munson really is? Give me the time and you may change your mind. Stop trying to save RINO Munson’s career, he is well overdue for a vacation. If you look at his bills, you will not find anything that would protect our Citizens.

A voting record to be embarrassed about. Don Munson

Millionaires Tax Increase – Forced Jobs and Business’s out of Maryland
Funding to Casa De Maryland, 1 million dollar grant to a building not even standing in WaCo
Voted for Speed Cameras
Voted to Furlough Maryland State Workers
Voted to give Governor O’Malley Staff Memebers raises during the National Recession
Supported Governor O’Malleys budgets the last 3 years that increase State Spending.

These are just a few examples of your friend Donald The Liberal Munson.

Feel free to try and debate the facts, will doing so, you will make yourself look less credible than you already are. You will also be getting emails from those who know the real "DON" and his voting record and support for Casa De Maryland.


Jeff Werner


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