Join me this week! Help us launch our campaign! – Protest’s Setup Around State to Greet the Current Failure of a Governor

Be sure to look for information regarding Protest’s to Martin O’Malley. Get out with your Furlough O’Malley Signs and show him your appreciation. The current Governor continues to live a past of fabrications regarding Bob Ehrlich and has no leg to stand on. He has lied to Marylander’s, chased business’s out of the state, rated worst Governor in the United States for his Tax and Spend Programs which grew the Budget over 10 percent during a national recession, yet he continues to blame Maryland’s problems on that same recession. But that did not stop him from Spending and Raising Taxes, did it?

Subject: Join me this week! Help us launch our campaign!

Governor O'Malley - Fighting for Maryland Families
Dear jeff,

Four years ago, we started a campaign together. We were taking on a Republican Governor with millions of dollars and a right-wing special interest machine at his disposal.

With your support and your energy, we were able to win that race. In the last four years, we’ve made state government work again, and we’ve put the priorities of Maryland families back at the front of the line.

We may have beaten the special interest machine in 2006, but they never went away. Now, Bob Ehrlich is back for another round. He wants to take Maryland back to the days where special interests ran state government and fiscal responsibility was a foreign term.

So, we need you to join us once again. Starting tomorrow and running through Thursday, Lt. Governor Brown and I will officially kick off our re-election campaign with a series of rallies and events across the state. I hope you can join us. To RSVP and get directions click here.

We’re excited to move into the campaign season. We’re prepared to put our record and our vision up against any challenger. And we’re ready to talk about the tough leadership this administration has shown, moving Maryland Forward even in these difficult times.

We hope you can join us for our announcement tour, and lend your energy and enthusiasm to the campaign as we make it official.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the campaign office at 410-468-4004 or visit the website at

We hope to see you at the announcement. Bring your families, bring your friends, and help us kick off the next stage of this campaign.

If you can’t join us please help us spread the word to your family and friends. Here is what you can do:

  1. Tell your friends and colleagues over e-mail or twitter. Give them this link for a complete listing of all events next week.
  2. Share some of our Facebook videos with your friends. Do this by using the share button for your favorite video. See the current list of videos here:
  3. Ask your friends to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @governoromalley for the latest updates.

Rain: If you are worried about rain, check your email or the event website the morning before the event for an update. We have great backup plans for rain if we need them!

Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley
Governor of Maryland

P.S. – Four years ago, you energized our campaign and helped us to victory. This year’s race will not be easy. But working together, we will win, and we will keep Maryland Moving Forward.



Baltimore City
April 27th 11:15 AM
Prince George’s County
April 27th 1:45 PM
Montgomery County
April 27th 6:30 PM
Southern Maryland
April 27th 4:00 PM
Western MD
April 28th 8:00 AM
Frederick County
April 28th 11:30 AM
Howard County
April 28th – 4:00 PM
Eastern Shore
April 28th – 6:30 PM
Harford County
April 29th – 11:30 AM
Baltimore County
April 29th – 4:00 PM
Anne Arundel County
April 29th – 6:30 PM (Paid dinner event)


By Authority: Friends of Martin O’Malley, Martin Cadogan, Treasurer 218 East Lexington Street | Baltimore, MD 21202



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