Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty DEAD For 2010 – Victory for the Patriots

Now, if we could only get Casa De Maryland and their Legislative Supporter’s to leave the state, we would save approximately 1.4 billion tax dollars annually in Maryland.

Subject: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty DEAD For 2010

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty Dead For 2010!

April 26, 2009

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC
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ALIPAC offered a reaction to the announcement by Senator Joe Lieberman that Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty "legislation is dead for the year" because of Senator Lindsey Graham’s sudden retreat from the legislation, following contentious pressure from Tea Party groups and the passage of SB 1070 in Arizona.

"We are very happy to hear that Senator Lieberman is announcing that Amnesty legislation is dead for 2010 because Senator Graham is backing away from his support for that bill," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "This is a victory for the American public, who opposes legalizing illegal aliens and giving them citizenship and voting rights. Now we will turn our attention towards cleaning up Washington in the elections!"

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC recently helped support over 50 Tea Party Against Amnesty events across America coordinated at www.AgainstAmnesty.comSpeakers challenged key Democrats and Senators Graham and McCain on their support for Amnesty at the events. Graham and McCain were booed when named in several cities.

William Gheen spoke out against Amnesty and Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, and Graham’s push to legalize illegal aliens and turn them into voters. Crowds of thousands of Tea Party attendees booed McCain and Graham and chanted "Secure Our Borders" in the cities of Houston, Murfreesboro, and Greenville.

Controversy erupted when William Gheen announced during his 9 minute speech, which has now been viewed over 120,000 times on Youtube, that Senator Graham was concealing his homosexuality from South Carolina voters and that Democrats in Washington could use that to their advantage.

Within a few days of the controversy and media coverage, Senator John McCain fled from his earlier support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty and announced he was now very passionate about border security. Senator Graham has followed a few days later by telling Lieberman and the Democrats he will not support an immigration overhaul in 2010.

Michael O’Brien of The Hill Reports Today that "Lieberman said Monday that Graham’s position means that immigration legislation is dead for the year.

‘In terms of practical politics, Lindsey is the only Republican so far to say he would be willing to work on both energy-climate and immigration reform. He has also now clearly said he can’t and will not do immigration reform this year,’ Lieberman said. "

"These politicians need to know that we are very serious and the gloves are off," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We are going to use every peaceful political means at our disposal to generate a velvet revolution in America this year at the polls. Amnesty is dead for 2010 and now we march on Washington with candidates who stand with the American public for immigration and border enforcement, instead of any form of Amnesty."

For more information about ALIPAC and William Gheen’s efforts to stop Amnesty in 2010 working with the Tea Party movement, please visit and



The Hill
Graham Backs Out! Lieberman says Amnesty is DEAD for 2010!

Lindsey Graham Retreats On Immigration Amnesty Effort Following Tea Party Pressure

GOP lawmakers seek to halt immigration reform push

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