Come out and Protest Governor OWE Malley as he visit’s Hagerstown Maryland – Poor Gov has to have his kickoff indoors and not outside with the People

You are Invited!

What: O’Malley Brown Campaign Kick-off in Western MD!
Where: UAW Local 171 Hall 18131 Maugan Avenue Maugansville, MD 21740
When: Wednesday, April 28th 2010 at 8am
Parking is available in the hall parking lot

Dear Friend,

Please join us to kick off our campaign with a pancake breakfast in Hagerstown. If you can join us, please register by getting a free ticket using the links on this page. Feel free to bring a friend.

Please also stay in touch with us on our website, FaceBook, or Twitter for more campaign updates.

You might also see John Donoghue and Donald Munson, Key Supporters of Martin OWE Malley, Both of them have supported the current Governor’s Tax and Spend programs and were key supporters during his Special Session to raise taxes and chase jobs out of Maryland with the Millionaires Tax and Corporate Tax Increase and agreed with OWE Malley to Furlough State Workers. If you are receiving this email, please send it to your Republican Friends and Tea Party Members. It is important to show the worst graded and rated Governor in the United States that he has failed Maryland Citizens Miserably.


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