The Herald Mail again plays Favorites and Fail to acknowledge the rest of the Delegation

The Herald Mail again plays Favorites while Reporting on Washington County’s Delegation

Again, The Herald-Mail Newspaper fails to report all the facts in it’s editorial regarding Don and John. The comedy routine of Washington County. Neither of them stood front and center to protect our Children, Assisted in having the Healthcare Reform Act Killed that would have exempted Marylander’s and Washington County from the Obamacare Fines and Fees. Donoghue voted for O’Malleys budget which Furloughed State Workers again. Did not assist in the pursuit of pushing for Immigration Reform, which costs Washington County over 37 million annually. Did not step up to the plate to help with Justice’s Law. Worried about Dam Restoration Monies, Library Monies, but failed to assist in any repeal of the Fair Share Act that forces non union State Employees to pay for a service they do not want. That is what I call true leadership, worry about the small issues while the bigger issues, they run away from. Again, John and Don are what is wrong with Annapolis and Washington County. They again failed to protect the rights of our Citizens. Where was John and Don when the rest of our Delegation was busy trying to strip funds from an Organization that harbors, assists and promotes illegal immigration? Where were they in regards to pushing Jessica’s Law? Justice’s Law? Health Care Reform? Fair Share Act Repeal? The rights of a Correctional Officer to choose their own representation? Oh that’s right, John made sure that was stripped off the bill. Where were they when we were pushing for Real ID in Maryland which would have protected the Voting Laws in Maryland? Where were they when E Verify was being heard that would force the Localities with State and Federal Contracts to verify who they employ so that these jobs can go to legal immigrants and citizens? I know where they were, nowhere to be seen when the real bills hit the floor, at that point, they go scurrying back to their hideouts and toast Pork Spending with a glass of Merlot.

PS, How are those State Park Signs going? The company doing them, is there company registered out of state by the way? You might want to find out.

Munson, Donoghue do heavy lifting for county in Annapolis

April 20, 2010

In Annapolis, there are talkers and there are doers. If Washington County had any doubts about who was whom among its elected lawmakers, this just-ended session certainly cleared the air.

Credit goes to state Sen. Donald F. Munson and Del. John P. Donoghue for doing the heavy lifting in a lean budgetary year and ensuring that the people of Washington County will have something to show for the 2010 session.

Washington County will receive $2.5 million for the Washington County Free Library; $2.53 million for a new Maryland State Police barrack; $75,000 for construction of the Rural Heritage Transportation Museum in Boonsboro; $50,000 toward the expansion of the Deafnet Association Inc. building; and $50,000 for the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

It goes without saying that these projects are important not just for the library, the state police and such, but also for the workers who will be employed to construct these improvements.

And it almost goes without saying that without Munson and Donoghue, the county would have not done anywhere near as well.

Hagerstown, MD


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