Good News For The Patriots of Maryland, Ehrlich in Dead Heat with OWE Malley – Furlough OWE Malley 2010

Maryland governor’s race a statistical dead heat. Ehrlich leads overwhelmingly with independents. We will also investigate to see if inappropriate behavior regarding Tom Russell’s emails to State Workers requesting Donations for OWE Malley’s campaigns has taken place during the 90 day session. This election is going to be held fairly and the Voters are going to speak up. Since the DNC in Maryland is going to try and mislead the Maryland Voters and are grasping at Straws regarding Bob Ehrlich and his campaign, to do onto others, is to have it done on to you as well. So, if the DNC is going to run a campaign of Lies, I am going to uncover those Lies and make everyone know exactly what type of Corruption has taken place in Maryland. It will no longer happen. We will speak up this time. So, I challenge you to prove it. You have already lost your bid to unseat Bob Ehrlich on the Radio, as he has broken no law with SEC or any laws regarding his Campaign and the Board of Elections. Until he officially files, he can stay on the air all the way up to July. There is nothing you can do about that. And, if you are going to state that he is using his office at Womble as a front for his campaign, then what is Tom Russell doing soliciting state workers for Campaign Funds?

It is time for the Luck of The Irish to Change and Time For the Leprechaun to get ready and go on tour with his Band. Marylander’s are finally waking up to an administration that has destroyed Maryland Economically and benefited the Illegal Aliens in Maryland with 300,000 which has assimilated them in to vote. Only in Maryland do Illegal Aliens have rights to Vote. The most prized possesion given to the Legal Citizens in Maryland has become a mockery, voting rights. I will guarantee this, we will challenge the votes of Illegal Aliens in the Coming election and will pull the records out of the DMV and verify the status of those voting. The Board of Elections will be held accountable if they do not recognize their responsibilities in this coming election.


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