Al Sharpton: We’re Ready to Commit Civil Disobedience Over Arizona Immigration Bill

Al Sharpton: We’re Ready to Commit Civil Disobedience Over Arizona Immigration Bill

April 26, 2010 by randyedye 

Go Figure, Al Sharpton needs to spend some time in a Arizona Jail.   Maybe Joe the Sheriff will get to hold him
Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 25, 2010, 12:39 PM

70% of Arizona voters agree with new immigration legislation signed into law on Friday.
But, not Al Sharpton or Barack Obama .

(Seraphic Secret )

And, New York City’s Al Sharpton says he’s ready to organize protests and commit civil disobedience over the new Arizona immigration law.

The New York Post reported, via Free Republic :

The Rev. Al Sharpton says he will challenge Arizona’s new immigration bill in court and on the streets.

Sharpton is joining Lillian Rodriguez Lopez from the Hispanic Federation to announce a legal challenge to the bill. They say activists are also prepared to commit civil disobedience to fight the Arizona immigration bill.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill Friday. It requires police to question people about their immigration status — including asking for identification — if they suspect someone is in the country illegally.

The law will take effect in late July or early August.

At least he gave the police a warning. Now they can be ready for him.

Rev Al…. where  were you when this WHITE RANCHER’S civil rights were violated??? 

You didn’t even consider standing up for this man’s  rights !!!

Murdered Rancher’s Family Asks for Troops Along Mexican Border

Arizona Farming & Ranching Hall of Fame 

Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, pictured here in 2008, was killed on his own property 35 miles outside of the border town of Douglas, Ariz.

PHOENIX — The family of a rancher who was shot and killed on his land in southeastern Arizona is hoping his death will bring better security along the border with Mexico.

Robert Krentz was killed March 25. Some Arizona officials say he was likely a victim of Mexico-based drug traffickers, but Cochise County investigators say they don’t have a motive or suspects.

In a statement released Saturday, Krentz’s family urged the U.S. government to “immediately order deployment of the active U.S. military” to the border.

Arizona’s ranching community has been asking for increased border security for years, an issue that’s now getting the attention they say it deserves.

New Mexico ordered more National Guardsmen to the border to beef up surveillance in the wake of the rancher’s death.

And maybe  Rev Al  can explain this:

A report issued by Maricopa County’s Attorney General Andrew Thomas in October 2008 reveals the extent of Arizona’s problem with crime committed by illegal immigrants.
In 2007, illegal immigrants accounted for:

10% of sex crimes convictions
11% of murders convictions
13% of stolen cars convictions
13% of aggravated assaults convictions
17% of those sentenced for violent crimes
19% of those sentenced for property crimes
20% of those sentenced for felony DUI
21% of crimes committed with weapons
34% of those sentenced for the manufacture, sale or transport of drugs
36% of those sentenced for kidnapping
44% of forgeries
50% of those sentenced for crimes related to “chop shops”
85% of false ID convictions
96% of smuggling convictions

Illegal immigrants make up 19 percent of those convicted of crimes in Maricopa County and 21 percent of those in county jails.

Illegal immigrants make up an estimated 9 percent of the county’s population.

It is estimated that each violent crime cost citizens $20,000, and each property crime cost citizens $4363 per offense.

Do us a favor and keep your ‘Tawana Bradley’ civil discourse ass at home !  Arizonia has enough problems to deal …. they don’t need your help !!!!’re-ready-to-commit-civil-disobedience-over-arizona-immigration-bill/ 




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