News From George Owings the 3rd – Let’s help him remove O’Malley in the Primary’s

Dear Supporters:

Yes! It’s finally time to answer Martin O’Malley over in Government House. Annapolis won’t be the same when we’re through with ’em! It’s time for us to kick our campaign into action!

And there’s a really easy way for you all to help us do that.
Just re-post this link on your Facebook wall:

That’s a link to my Media Release about my upcoming Kickoff Fundraiser–the one you are all invited to. See, the more people re-post that link, the higher it shows up on search engines like Google and Yahoo when people search for my name on them.

That’s important, because it helps keep gossip and rumors they make up in Annapolis about me out of the top hits on Google and Yahoo, and makes sure the real news we want to get out does make it out.

So all I need is one favor: repost the link ( to my Kickoff Fundraiser’s Media Release, and that’ll help change the way we do politics in Maryland.

Thanks, and I’ll be talking to you soon.



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