Come Out and Enjoy Furlough OWE Malley Day in Aberdeen Maryland

OweMalley Protest
Thursday 4/29/2010 ..11.30 am. Aberdeen Festival park 60 n. Parke St.
Bring your signs and bull horns.. Ask o’malley how he was voted

Worst governor in America 4 on this site

One of the highest sales tax in the country..

The cost of immigration in MD. $1.4 billion tax $$ to illegal aliens last year.…pdf?docID=4001

8 governors in America got an "F" grade including O’malley

O’malley enacted a $1.4 billion tax package for Corporate income tax, personal income tax & sales tax in 2008 – 32k – 2008-10-20

O’malley pulled off one of the greatest tax heists in history

O’Malley to Visit Aberdeen on Campaign Trail April 29
O’Malley will speak at 11:30 a.m. On Thursday, April 29 in Aberdeen Festival Park at 60 N. Parke Street in Aberdeen.
Make sure he knows we are there..


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