11th District For Ehrlich Meeting – 4/21 at 7:30 PM, Pikesville

Can you believe it! Just ONE WEEK to Go!

It was great to see so many of you in Arbutus last week.

We’re meeting this time next week at a central location in Northwest Baltimore!

***ALL County and City Residents*** interested in committing to precincts in our district where theres always fun and exciting opportunities to get involved are invited to attend next Wednesday ! Teenage, College, Young and Old alike will be represented – come on out and join our team- GOVERNOR EHRLICH”S TEAM!

The Governor is VERY Appreciative of our efforts so far and senior campaign representatives will be among the guest speakers at early spring and summer meetings. Directions will be sent very soon -!

Interested in working as a volunteer on the Corn Roast (Yes – Thats in the very same district!) No worry, details will be shared and meeting times distributed

For details, questions, or suggestions, please call me as soon as you are able and please share this news with friends, they’ll be glad you did!

Have a great week and see you on the trail!

Gary Van Hoven


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