Sheriff Candidate for Washington County Jim Woods Chimes in on Sheriff Mullendore

Serious crime (homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, theft) has been reduced in Washington County in each of the last three years.

Crime has been down approximately 7.5 % statewide over the past three years ( I guess Mullendore has been the reason for that )

Created a much safer environment for our citizens and our criminal justice personnel when conducting business within the Circuit Courthouse.

The State of Maryland funded a upgrade to the Circuit Courthouse. This project included security considerations and was begun before Mullendore became sheriff.

Formed a combined Warrant Task Force with the Hagerstown Police Department and Maryland State Police. The Warrant Task Force uses each agency’s resources more efficiently by working as a Team.

Although partially true, no increase in Warrant staff was accomplished and warrant entries are backlogged. This also had to be approved by allied agencies before it could happen.He also did not plan for the increase in administrative work and there is still one person handling warrants from all three agencies.

Made our Policies and Procedures Manual available to all staff through any Internet Connection. Employees can review these policies from any computer with an Internet Connection.

Big deal, how does this serve the people?

Consolidated our dispatch center with the Hagerstown Police Department, Maryland State Police and Fire and Emergency Services into a single 911 Center. This provides a more efficient means for our citizens to receive services when they have an emergency. Citizens only need to call 911 for any emergency

This was a countywide initiative and not a Sheriff’s initiative. The consolidation was approved by each agency. Sheriff Mades signed off the master plan before leaving office.

Upgraded our Radio communications to a state-of-the-art radio system that allows all the public safety agencies to talk to one another.

Approximately 10 years ago the county began a project to study and upgrade the county radio net. This project included the upgrade of all emergency services radios. The County Engineer (Joe Krobath ) was the force behind the need to upgrade the county radio system. There are still three towers not buit and the system is not operational at this time.

Established a mobile data communications system that allows our deputies to be able to communicate with the 911 Center, run driver’s licenses and tags, issue traffic citations electronically and do reports from the car. The mobile data system will keep our law enforcement deputies on the street more.

This was a specification under the countywide radio system upgrade. At present no Sheriff’s vehicle is connected to the net or capable of electronic tickets or report submissions. This initiative was approved by the previous Sheriff ( Mades ) In addition, the terminals are not removable, limiting their usefulness. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports are in MS Word format and this format is not on the Terminals, so reports cannot be done from the vehicle and electronically transmitted. Also, the terminal and associated equipment to support it costs 19,700 dollars per vehicle, Boonsboro, Hancock and Smithburg are using mobile computers with a cost per vehicle of approx. 6500.00 dollars.

Established Central Booking as a one-stop location for all persons who are arrested to be processed. This eliminates the need for law enforcement agencies to have their own holding cells and processing areas. Central Booking also eliminates the need to transport individuals arrested multiple times increasing the risk for confrontation or escape. Central Booking will save time for all of the law enforcement officers making arrests in Washington County and will put more law enforcement back on our streets patroling to keep us safe.

This was approved by Sheriff Mades and was a funded out of a State program. It is not currently operational and when up and running has only two computers available to officers making arrests. It services six primary law enforcement agencies and several allied agencies. On a busy night, officers will have to wait to use the computer before the processing can be accomplished. Mullendore also only budgeted for 6 months salaries and benefits for the personnel assigned and has now gone back to the County Commissioners to get the remaining funds by asking for a 5% increase in his budget. He had 4 years to plan for this. Also, the booking facility is open, but serving Sheriff’s arrests only at present.

The Detention Center was re-accredited through the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and the American Correctional Association.

The detention center has held its accreditation for over 15 years and was first accredited long before Mullendore had command responsibility.

Our Law Enforcement services became accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We now operate under approved national standards for law enforcement services.

The Commission on accreditation advises that the Sheriff’s Office is in the process and not accredited yet. According to CALEA the Sheriff’s Office is in the process, but this has not been completed. Mullendore touts this as a means to cut insurance costs, but the county is self insured?

Candidate Jim Woods remarks are in bold content.  We need Jim Woods are our Sheriff for the future of our County.


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