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Update from the Maryland General Assembly
April 5, 2010

Newsletter #8


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Obama Care
Overhead Transmission Lines
Undergarments and Bathing Suits
Dear Constituent,

It is again my great pleasure to be your “common sense” conservative voice in Annapolis. I have been re-invigorated by the concern residents of Howard County have with the direction of our County and State.
We had a great time attacking the bloated and expensive State budget last Thursday and Friday on the House floor, our Democrat colleagues didn’t seem amused.  In case you hear the LIE that O’Malley is spending less this year the Governor Ehrlich did in 2007 don’t believe it.  Governor Ehrlich’s last budget was $27 billion dollars, the budget this year is stuffed with stimulus money, money transfer gimmicks and bonding of things that should be paid for with real dollars.  This years budget is in excess of $32 billion, this should upset you because it will lead to a massive tax increase next year – thats why I voted against it.
We have one week left and I can’t wait to get out and start campaigning! If you have not done so yet please check out the new and improved Bates Miller website at
Warren Miller

National High Risk Insurance Plan – House Bill 1564
While Obama may have put a happy face on his bill signing by making a point that afterward he looked up and the birds were still chirping and meteorites weren’t falling from the sky, he shouldn’t have been so sure Armageddon hadn’t actually arrived just the same.  Don’t forget, the birds are still chirping and meteorites aren’t falling in North Korea or Burma or Iran either, yet those nations are not exactly paradise. The bill at issue, HB1564, begins the framework for putting ObamaCare into practice by first creating high risk pools for people otherwise uninsured or unable to purchase health insurance.   Of course the cost of this program is largely unknown because regulations have not been written and are dependent on policies to be issued by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  What is clear, nonetheless, is that the program is heavily dependent on the federal government subsidizing the premiums, which effectively means the taxpayers (aka YOU) will be subsidizing the premiums.  Whenever you hear Democrats boasting of government subsidies remember the subsidy money comes directly from you.  The government has no money of its own.  None.  The “government’s money” is your money.

But at this point the enactment of ObamaCare should not merely be focused on unsustainable future costs.  What needs to be established up front is the protection of our rights as citizens of this great country, and which are guaranteed by both our founding and governing documents, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution respectively.  Unfortunately, the Democrats in the House of Delegates have again stepped in between you and your liberty by defeating our Republican amendment to HB1564, which would have allowed you to decline purchasing health insurance without suffering a penalty.  Unlike other state legislatures that have raised and passed this health care freedom issue, our Maryland Democrats show none of the courage, foresight or inclination to do the right thing.

I’m sorry to report that the Democrat leaders of this state not only want to tell you what to do but demand that you do it or suffer the consequences, backed by the awesome power of the state.  Where have we seen this naked use of government power before?

House Bill 1535 – Electric Companies – Overhead Transmission Lines – Requirements
Do you expect the lights to come on when you flip the light switch?  Recently the State of Maryland spent $4,000,000 to study the future of our electrical marketplace (I opposed this incredible waste of your money that the State had your utility charge you for).  The study found that by 2012 we could face “rolling blackouts” as demand for power would outpace your utilities ability to provide it, the study found that the quickest and cheapest way to remedy this was to allow several new High Power lines to bring the power into the most “congested” areas.  The bill would throw substantial new hurdles in the way of importing the power that we have all come to rely on. The other part of the study recommended that you cut your power usage by 15% to help with this problem.

Did you know Maryland is the only state in the nation that has its very own cap & trade statute that actually promotes the reduction of access to cheap and available energy and power?  Well, it is.

Did you also know that among the many regulations imposed on the people who live in our state are those specifically intended to reduce and restrict the amount of power and energy that is generated and utilized by residents and businesses alike?  Well, there are.

And what do you suppose results from all those Democrat roadblocks to the free market and commerce and generally the liberty of all Marylanders?  Higher energy and power costs for everyone.

That’s what happens when myopic regulations are unleashed on the Maryland electricity consumer without thought or insight into the repercussions and unintended consequences of bad public policy masquerading as “but this is for the good of the people”.  I’m sorry to report that more nonsense like that is on its way with HB1535, which imposes more regulations on an already completely hands-tied industry.

HB1535 prohibits electric companies from beginning construction on overhead transmission lines designed to carry additional power to the places where it’s needed.  This bill is a perfect example of Democrats bowing to their special interest advocates who intend to reduce access to energy, thereby driving costs higher at a time of economic and financial pain.

When unemployment is high and commerce is stressed and businesses are closing, you would think raising energy costs would be last on the Democrat “to do” list.   If you’re thinking that you’d be wrong.  It’s right up on top.

I want to make your lights come on when you flip the switch and maybe save you some money on your utility bill, that’s why I oppose this bill.

House Bill 1560 – Public Health – Sales of Previously Sold Undergarments and Bathing Suits – Prohibited

As seemingly frivolous as the title of this bill appears, there’s actually a point being made here that probably needs to be addressed.  Should undergarments and bathing suits, once sold, be allowed to be returned for resale?  That’s actually a pretty good question.

Without getting into too many of the details that you can just as well imagine as can I, there is clearly a hygiene component to this discussion, as well as a commercial component, and both need to be acknowledged.

I suppose there has always been a hygiene issue related to this situation and care has essentially always been taken to limit one’s exposure to potential body fluids and disease.  But with more media attention over the past two decades or more has come greater concern for public safety, raising questions like “how comfortable are you with purchasing, or even trying, a garment in this category that might have been worn before?”  At this point you have no way of knowing that since sold or tried garments can be returned to the vendor, or to the rack.  Should you have to guess or take a chance?

On the other hand, should all sales of these garments be considered, by law, to be final sales?  Does making every sale “final” hurt business?  Does such a law reduce buyer options?

The answer to this issue rests on whether or not such a law is, or is not, in the public’s best interest. Worst case, if this bill doesn’t pass remember to wash your undergarments before you wear them!

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