Help Save Maryland, Washington County Citizens United and People For Change defeat Casa De Maryland and Identity Inc on Bond Bills

Gustavo Torres Executive Director of Casa De Maryland. AKA "The Fly"

A victory for the Good Guys, finally, except Identity Inc is still getting 30k out of us.  But otherwise, NO PESO’s for Casa De Maryland, the Organization who assists Illegal Aliens in our Communities and Steal our Jobs and Raise the Cost of Living in Maryland to the tune of 1.4 billion in Tax Dollars.

Through the joint efforts of the members of Help Save Maryland and People for Change in Prince George’s County, the proposed Bond Funding for CASA de Maryland (Central American Solidarity Association) was stopped dead in its tracks!
CASA, using the Montgomery and Prince George’s County House and Senate delegations like puppets, demanded $500K for their so-called “multi-cultural center” in Langley Park, Prince George’s County.  This multi-million dollar sink-hole has already taken enough of the Maryland taxpayer’s hard earned money.
Last month, members of HSM and PFC testified on a Saturday before House and Senate Committees to demand an end to the gravy train for CASA de Maryland.  It worked!  Zero dollars have been allocated for CASA.
Let’s all keep an eye on Governor Martin O’Malley as he came forward last year to provide CASA with $1 million from the Governor’s personal slush fund for the Langley Park facility. With Bob Erhlich breathing down his neck, I wonder if O’Malley will be so bold this year??
On a similar note, another illegal alien support group, Identity Inc of Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, also attempted to hoodwink the citizens of our state for $350K for their new and improved “Hispanic gang club house”.  HSM and PFC members also testified against this waste of money.  Identity Inc’s demand for $350K was slashed to $30K.  That is still $30K too much!


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