To the People Of Maryland – Governor O Malley refuses to protect our Children through Jessica’s Law Amendment and Justice’s Bill

Dear National Media, Local Press, Bloggers, Maryland League of Voters and the DNC and MDGOP,

The Governor of Maryland refuses to step in and take care and protect our Children, instead, he is more concerned about Taxing Marylander’s on Future Energies, one in which he has already cost the average tax payer an increase of over 65 percent in their Energy Costs.  What a shame, he protects the Lobbyist’s and Big Money Backers, but refuses to step in and protect our Children.  And yes, I have information regarding his Big Lobby supporters for his bills, but not one of them have come forward to support bills to protect our children.  While we have Senator Frosh running around calling the protecting of our Children, “Bumper Sticker Legislation”, what a vile mockery of God’s Children.  We have Senator Madaleno running around asking for Gay Rights Support and Legislation, but he sits on his hands regarding our Children, figuring that Gay Marriage is more important then protecting our Children, then you have Chairman Joe Vallario who heads up the Delegate Caucus for Illegal Immigration and standing up for Illegal Alien rights, but not our Children.  Then you have Senator Mike Miller running around the State House worried about Card Games at his track, but not protecting his Grandchildren from Future Predators, then you have Mike Busch, who is to busy trying to find which way did they all go.  You all have made a total Mockery out of Maryland and should be ashamed of yourselves.  You cater to the Lobbyist’s while our children are dying and being raped at the hands of these animals and you don’t seem to care.  Your constituents are going care, lets make that clear right now.  They will know what you support over our Children.

Let us not forget about the Delegates and Senators who forget what they are voting for or voted for in the past.  For these individuals, you are not a concern of theirs, you are but a wee little peon on their Steps being swept away with no regard for your Views, Thoughts, Opinions and Freedoms.  They would suppress your freedom’s given every chance possible.

Are these the types of Governor’s, Senator’s and Delegate’s you want running your state? If so, then you are choosing someone who appears to care less about your children when they are raped, murdered, tortured and mutilated by these Animals who would walk the streets again in less then 5 years of serving time.  What a disgrace.  It’s time to Furlough OWE Malley in 2010 and his OLD Boy Network, they have SHAMED our great state and Stained it with Mockery and suppression.  Let’s make our voices heard.  Please call and email him every day until the end of the session.

PS, I really don’t care any longer if the men with butterfly nets come and swoop me away.

Jeff Werner
Hagerstown, MD
A voice for the Children whose voices never got heard.

President, Washington County Citizens United, A grassroots, Tea Party Organization determined to make a difference in Maryland.  One Maryland, One Dream, One Cause.


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  1. Jeff,

    The ‘belly of the beast’ we call Annapolis [State House and Governor’s Mansion] will find it’s fate in November. In doing so, the single party rule, one that has been burdening the citizen’s of Maryland since the civil war, will find a huge chink in it’s armor. We may not flip it, but we will bring about awareness not seen here for a long, long time. With any luck, those career politicians will even find themselves fighting for their political lives as they are challenged by their constituents, some of them party faithful. They might be able to seek solace in the bowels of Annapolis, but their ignorance will be our ‘ally’ and when they awaken from the ‘slumber’ of the 2010 session and find a ‘revolution’

    Constitutionally Yours,



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