Maryland Legal Tax Paying Citizens to Continue to Pay Incarceration Costs for Illegal Aliens in Maryland’s Jail System which leads towards our 1.4 billion in Annual Costs for Illegals in Maryland, Fair Share Act, Killing Good Bills, SB 622

Statehouse, Governor, Media, League of Maryland Voters, Mark Lunsford and Joan Dantoni Harris for Jessica’s Law and Dee Myers of Justice’s Law,

The Week in Review:

Another Victory for the Delegates and Senators who help Pander to the Illegal Aliens in Maryland, let’s keep them here on Maryland Tax Payer Money.  Really, does that make sense?  Deport them and save our Tax Dollars.  Shame Shame Shame.  More waste for us.  You could take these criminals here illegally and force them into the Military as their crime and serve overseas as their punishment.  Give them a choice, our Military, or Deportation.

Then you have this, force non union State Workers to pay into a union that will not do anything for them, yet will make contract decisions without their votes.  Parts of my family thank you and you count on not getting their vote.  Nor will they be campaigning on the Phones for the Current Governor as the Teachers were forced to do in 2006.  Of course, allot of teachers will do it to campaign for Ehrlich, without the moderators looking over them.

I wonder how many emails Tom Russell campaign manager for the current Governor has sent to State Workers asking them to contribute to his campaign?  I bet I have a figure to share.

Lets not forget how Senator Madaleno, probably on the word of Senator Brian Frosh is laying over SB 622 to protect our children.  See, while most of you are down there killing bills for the Middle Class and taking more money from us, I stay up at night trying to make Maryland a better, safer place to live and a land where others would want to live and raise their families.  I can’t in my good conscious ask people to move to one of the most Pro Illegal Alien, Tax burdened, The Lack of Protection for our Children.  It would be like lying to someone that the Pot of Gold is over the Rainbow.  But while you are overlooking our Children and passing bills to raise Auto Insurance Rates, our children continue to be stalked and raped and murdered by Sex Offenders.   I have a 15 year old and a 9 year old, I would like to be a Grandfather one day and not have to visit them at their grave at the hands of these Animals.

Inmate immigration status bills killed in committee

Other failed bills included a repeal of the Fair Share requirement

March 30, 2010

ANNAPOLIS — With about two weeks left in this year’s Maryland General Assembly session, a number of bills have been killed in committee.

Several bills introduced by Del. Christopher B. Shank, R-Washington, and a bill introduced by the newest member of Washington County’s delegation, Del. Charles A. Jenkins, R-Washington/Frederick, were killed in committees by unfavorable votes.

Shank and Jenkins said the outcomes of those bills were about what they expected.

Two of the bills would have required the Division of Correction to forward to federal agencies specified information about an inmate’s immigration status.

House Bill 1012, sponsored by Jenkins, would require the Division of Correction and the Division of Parole and Probation to notify the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) of an inmate’s immigration status.

House Bill 1061, of which Shank and Del. Andrew A. Serafini, R-Washington, were among the sponsors, would require the same notification, but only by the DOC. The Division of Parole and Probation is not addressed in the bill.

The Department of Public Safety is taking a step in the right direction with a memorandum of understanding with ICE, Shank said. The agreement could allow for the deportation of certain nonviolent criminals after they have completed a portion of their sentence, prison officials have said.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 14-7 on an unfavorable report for both Jenkins’ and Shank’s bills, which will not move on for a vote before the full House.

“That’s exactly what I expected,” Jenkins said Tuesday.

The state has “coddled” illegal immigrants and danced around the issue of illegal immigration for years, Jenkins said.


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