Was amnesty planned?

Steve Berryman
Was amnesty planned?
Originally published April 02, 2010

Awash in constitutional issues for the last year, I now see the convergence of our illegal-immigration issue and the recent health care “win” by our president. Was counting on “amnesty” legislation passage in the plan all along?
Just who were the winners and losers the administration referred to? Was one a political party, and which was the American citizenry?

With both amnesty and health care legislation, the very value of citizenship is at stake, and in more than one way.

Remember that all Americans were promised that illegal immigrants would not benefit from an entitlement to Obamacare; but were the plans always to allow for rapid inclusion in the new health care paradigm?

And are newly forgiven illegal immigrants — given such a treat — expected to join the ranks of the political left to refill the void created by the exiting centrist Democrats, many abandoning all hope and headed to tea party protests? Surely labor unions and the “advocacy” group CASA of Maryland will be there helping with the assimilation!

And “advocacy” has provided cover for those in the U.S. illegally.

Are the negative effects of illegal immigration upon America possibly declining in a bad economy? We know the jobs issue is currently ignored; how about public safety?

Recent statistics reported on the relationship between arrestable crimes and legal status by the Center for Immigration Study (CIS.org) say so, according to Director Mark Krikorian, and continue to show a worsening trend.

Further, a recent look by The Washington Examiner backs up the correlation between incarcerated illegals and serious crimes highlighted in “Illegals increasingly charged in violent crimes” from March 28 that “Nearly half of the criminal charges filed against the 274 inmates who were being held during the last week of February on ICE warrants in Fairfax, Alexandria and D.C. jails related to violence, drugs and gang participation.”

Last week our government officially declared the new “virtual” electronic border fence (SBInet) pilot project a failure, in yet another program we could not run at the federal level. What was to be a high-tech surveillance and response system to cover 700 miles of our border with Mexico without a physical fence, and relying on cameras and sensors, is now dead.

The Constitution does require a vigorous defense of our national borders very specifically, again failing, while distracted by tinkering with health care reform instead of jobs, and redistributing wealth by requiring the purchase of insurance, so …

Chuck Jenkins, “the people’s sheriff” and most proactive of elected sheriffs, has signed on with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the DHS Secure Communities initiative, overlapping some of what had already been the highly successful 287(g) program. Here in Frederick County, he also runs our Adult Detention Center with inmates also courtesy of city and state law enforcement.

All those currently incarcerated will be screened for legal status before release, thus avoiding even potential liability for ethnic profiling. Secure Communities also provides for biometric ID evaluation in all cases after screening interviews.

However, Secure Communities does not provide for evaluation of nonviolent offenders such as those accused of drug crimes — when not used in combination with 287(g) — and due to federal budget cutbacks, Secure Communities could provide cover for defunding of 287(g). We must struggle to keep the 287(g) program! And of the larger battle …

Sheriff Jenkins is willing to lead the fight in anticipation of continued conflict between government and Constitution, and can be found speaking to this issue at upcoming tea party rallies.

As the coming push for amnesty was always part of the plan.




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