English Bills Held Hostage


English Bills Held Hostage

The two English Recognition bills that passed overwhelmingly by the Baltimore and Harford County Delegations are being held hostage by the Chairman of the House Health & Government Operations Committee.  Chairman Peter A. Hammen has refused to allow either bill to come forward for a formal vote.  This decision is even more grievous because both proposals are considered to be local legislation.  In the General Assembly, “local courtesy” is an important tradition where legislation passed by a county delegation is given preference and, generally, allowed to go forward.  In the case of the English Recognition bills, the will of local delegates and the county citizens that they represent is being disrespected.  The total support by the elected legislators of the English Recognition bills was 21 to 7.  As a voter and tax payer, if you feel that the English Recognition legislation should be treated fairly and moved forward, please contact Chairman Hammen with your thoughts(Peter.Hammen@house.state.md.us or  410-841-3772  410-841-3772 ).  Remember, be respectful, cordial and, under no circumstance, engage in a personal criticism of the Chairman himself.
For more information & interview, contact Delegate Pat McDonough at 410-238-0025 or PatMcDee@comcast.net.

Or To Proceed To His Website,

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