Latest Update from Alipac – News of the Day

Friends of ALIPAC,

First we want to thank all of you who recently made generous donations to help us reach our goals and even exceed our minimum funding levels. After two months of raising funds, the majority of help came in during the last 72 hours which will allow ALIPAC to return to our missions. The last minute donations took us to $36,000 to sustain our operations.

Please know how much your friendship and support means to us all. We received many notes, e-mails, and calls of heartfelt support and encouragement from supporters. We even received donations from many of you who are unemployed or are on very tight budgets right now. That tells us that ALIPAC is in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing.

We want to offer all of our supporters our team’s pledge to work very hard and do all we can to represent you well and to be as efficient and effective as possible in the fight to stop and reverse illegal immigration in America.

Please keep making calls to the Governors of California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Call With Us To Demand National Guard For The Border

We have received good news that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is responding to public pressure and sending more police or National Guard to the border although it is unclear exactly what he is doing. The other three southern border state governors are all calling for Obama to send troops.

States Boost Border Security as Pleas to Washington Go Unmet

So far, Obama is refusing to send troops or the national guard, so keep up the pressure!

We were happy to see Bill O’Reilly point out that John McCain is flip flopping on immigration once again, but O’Reilly should have mentioned that McCain’s new desire for border security is because of the strength of JD Hayworth’s campaign to defeat John McCain in the AZ. GOP Primary this August! McCain’s latest 180 on troops for the border shows you CANNOT TRUST JOHN MCCAIN!

Here is the O’Reilly broadcast in case you missed it…

Our friend Tom Tancredo says that Janet Napolitano is lying to the American public about the border being secured and he has now joined with ALIPAC’s calls for Napolitano to resign or be fired. Tom was on his way to meet with Mr. Robert Krentz and other ranchers when the murder occurred. Please watch and distribute this video of Tom’s call for Napolitano to go!

Tom Tancredo Calls For Napolitano To Resign, Troops On The Border [Video] (Thanks for this report Digger!)

Next week, we may call for actual street level protests near the border areas if Washington and the remaining Governors do not heed our calls for more border security to immediately save American jobs, wages, health, property, and lives!

Meanwhile, check out these new shocking videos from the border showing truck loads of illegals just walking, or driving, right into America!

Border websites adding fuel to fire in wake of rancher’s murder

There’s a lot going on right now and we need all ALIPAC supporters to enter into a state of high alert and be ready to take action at a moment’s notice as things develop.


William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team


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