News and Views from Camp Amedori for U.S. Senator

Carmen Amedori for U.S. Senate

March 30, 2010

Carmen Amedori: A Real Conservative that Maryland Needs

Maryland needs new leadership more than any state in the country. Carmen Amedori, a US Senate Candidate from Maryland, is the right woman at the right time. We hear the state say that we are billions of dollars in debt. At the same time, we see thousands of Maryland’s small businesses going out of business. It is time for us to elect conservative Republicans like Carmen Amedori to lower taxes for everyone, including small businesses. Cutting taxes creates growth and that growth leads to new jobs. Let’s elect Republicans that will change the tax and spend mentality that our current Maryland officials have, including our Senators. Conservatives like Carmen Amedori believe in a limited government, guided by the Constitution.

Senator Barbara Mikulski is not the right person to lead this state out of the current economic climate. She is part of the tax and spend mindset that is bankrupting our country and our state. Maryland can’t afford another 6 years of Barbara Mikulski.

Carmen Amedori is a real conservative. She is a lifelong Republican with a proven record. Conservative values, and Reagan principles have been what she has always voted by and supported. In the Maryland House of Delegates, she was recognized early for her leadership ability and was chosen as Assistant Minority Leader. Carmen Amedori was given a 100% rating by the Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG). That means that 100% of the time, while a Delegate in the Maryland House, she voted on a pro-business platform. The MBRG honored her by giving her the Shaw Award.

Come November, Maryland needs a Republican Senator that will represent, we the people. We need someone that understands the challenges that we face. Maryland needs a Senator with experience in the private and public sector. A real republican, not a Republican In Name Only (RINO), is what we need to go to Washington to stop the radical left wing agenda. That is why Carmen Amedori is the only Republican that can win in November.


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