A Disturbing Notion – Information regarding US Senate Candidate Eric Wargotz

Something was brought to my attention this weeken that I found to be a bit unnerving.  US GOP Senate Candidate, Dr. Eric Wargotaz, as a Democrat had loaned 20,000.00 dollars to a Prince George’s Democrat running for County Exec in 2002.  Why do I find this a bit stressing?  He is running on the GOP ticket for the right to face, Til of The Hon, Barbara Mikulski.  Another fact, something that really gets me at the core, he is refusing to go on the record regarding Illegal Immigration.  The fact our State is shelving out Billions Annually, I am not to certain that I want a replacement for BABS helping along Amnesty either.  It costs this country Zillions of Dollars annually.  Here is the article.

Tom LoBianco, Maryland politics reporter

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Updated (yet still belated) Friday Blogger Roundup: Every good political campaign is built on insinuation …

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Updates to add Judd Legum response to Brian Griffiths here.

(In the world of reporting we usually aim to get as many sides of a story as possible before “going to print” and try to hash out the truth with an eye toward fair comment for the parties involved. Not so in the world of politics in which the hard dirt-digging and subsequent mudslinging is almost universally one-sided and half-truthed. Anyway, here’s the weekly roundup. – TL)

Labor activist Adam Pagnucco, an excellent opposition researcher and terrible reporter, has trained his blog-raking on former Delegate Rushern Baker. Baker is something of a routine candidate for county executive down in Prince George’s and (tentatively) looks as though he could win finally, despite a wide-open election. (Just a side-note here, Maryland Democrats, in general, seem to have little trouble lining up behind candidates ranging in strength from Martin O’Malley to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. The one major exception to that dynamic seems to be PG. That county is a world of political fiefdoms and warring unto itself, just scope the number of delegates considering running for either county exec. or state senate. … Very little sense of waiting in line. Anyway …)

As far as the excellent investigating goes, Pagnucco does a great job breaking apart the campaign finance reports to expose the people bankrolling Baker over the last decade. Chief target in the donor pool is Eric Wargotz, Republican candidate running against Babs Mikulski. Pagnucco unearths that Wargotz loaned  upward of $20,ooo to Baker for his 2002 run for county exec.

Now, for the terrible reporting: I can’t tell that Pagnucco called, e-mailed, texted anyone for comment in these blog posts (least of all the subjects.) If he had he would’ve made the “startling” revelation that Eric Wargotz used to be a Democrat. That would sure start to explain those “suspect” donations to Democrats …

I’ve got an e-mail out to Pagnucco, I’ll update this when I hear back.



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  1. Posted by Arnie on March 29, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    What is wrong with switching parties? I believe that Rutledge was a Democrat at one time as well.


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