Is Senator Donald Munson beginning to Lose Grip on Reality?

Senator Don Munson, Next to last Conservative Repub in State Senate

Senator Don Munson is on a campaign, a campaign to try and rescue his faltering career as a Politician.  There are many instances over the last couple of years where Senator Munson has been unable to justify his voting record.  Case in point, his rebutting of the facts related to Casa De Maryland where he is clearing trying to pass the buck on to Delegate Chris Shank, his oppenant.  However, let’s clear the record.  Senator Donald Munson has voted for every budget that Governor O’Malley has submitted, whereas, Delegate Chris Shank has not.  These budgets have included increased Taxation, Spending and support for Illegal Immigration.

Let’s get the facts out Senator.  Yes, Delegate Shank voted in the past for legislation that funneled minute amounts of Tax Dollars to Casa De Maryland, however, those bills were tied to the Capital Budget which included funding for all Counties in the State of Maryland.  No one in their right mind is going to vote against that.  However, the dollar amount for these Criminals nowhere near tally’s the amount of Tax Dollars you approved for Casa De Maryland’s Mothership.  The $1,000,000.00 vote you gave to Casa De Maryland’s so-called renovation, actually went to assisting Illegal Aliens to get jobs in Maryland, where, on Casa De Maryland’s Mission Statement, they state, We Do No Check Immigration Status.  Specifically, let’s ask this question.  Why did you vote for this bill?  It had no bearing or assistance to Washington County.  It was a totally separate bill from the Budget.  One in which, you were the only GOP Senator who voted for it.  What did you get in return for your vote?  That is the real question.  Did you make a deal with Senate President Mike Miller to garner more Dollars for your College?  Or did you do it because you felt a need to.  Well, according to your own words, you made a mistake.  In essence, if you received anything for this vote, then I guess that was a mistake as well, correct?

Delegate Shank has been open, honest and forthright when I questioned him on his votes in the past.  He has also gone on record as being against Illegal Immigration.  You have not.  When I asked NBC 25 to come to Annapolis last year to cover a rally, you refused to go on the record against Illegal Immigration.  Why?  Are you afraid of loosing support from within your friendships in Montgomery and PG County?  People ask me, why are you so hard on Ole Don.  I tell them the truth.  You voted to furlough state workers last year, which by the way affected my family.  You voted for the Millionaires Tax which has chased business’s and job opportunities out of Maryland.  You voted for the Speed Camera’s which basically is a Revenue Grab and is a lose lose scenario for Marylander’s and Washington County residents.

Now you are chasing down Leaders from Help Save Maryland to try and explain that Delegate Shank is for Illegal Immigration?, when in fact, he has stated otherwise and it is documented.  Washington County forks out 37 million annually to help feed, educate, incarcerate, provide free health care services, and what I mean by that, is, you know damn well they don’t pay their hospital bills.

When I provide your voting record to your supporters, they quickly say to me, are you kidding?  I say Nope, that’s your Senator.  I then provide them the information to go look for themselves, they come back to me and say, Jeff, your right, I did not realize what he was doing and I promise you he will not be getting my vote this time around.

I am a blogger, a writer and activist and advocate.  I stand up for what the Citizens of our County and State want.  Truth, Honesty, Transparency.  This time you will not be able to run on your past, but you will be running on your last few years, one in which I have made the public know and how you are a HUGE Supporter of Governor O’Malley.  It’s not that I don’t like or hate you, as you like to say in Annapolis, I just don’t agree with your Status Quo views and votes to benefit others which have no direct impact on Washington County.

You have failed in your duty to protect our votes.  I am even posting the link to the Herald Mail piece in which you so desperately are trying to save face.  The bottom line Senator, you can’t change the past, it has already happened.  That is your downfall.  You may be nice to those on the outside, but I know the true Don.  The one the voters of Washington County don’t get to see.  Delegate Shank will have the backing of the Party and of those certain high ups that you once counted on.  You can only rely on the Chamber of Commerce for your support and a couple others.  Again, do yourself a favor, just don’t say a word.  Every time you do, you make matters worse for yourself.  Right now I am doing an investigative piece on the signage for the State Parks in Washington County and who recieved the contracts to do them.  My only hope is that one of your big campaign backers has not benefited from your assistance.  That would be over stepping the line.  I am not accussing you on this, but it is of interest that was brought to my attention by another Washington County Voter.  I will do as they have asked, investigate.  I am protected under the First Amendment and if you don’t like what I have to say, well, maybe you should have rethought through your votes.

To those who wish to see Washington County’s breakdown on the funding of Illegal Immigration, you can view the file which was done in conjunction with FAIR and the Maryland Department of Planning.

This is the How To Avoid Raids Documentation from Casa De Maryland for which your 1 Million Dollar vote went towards.

Here is the Article from the Herald Mail today.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jackie on March 28, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Shank will get my vote also.

    The corruption in md has to come to an end. We will vote leaders into office that will work for the citizens of maryland and not against us by supporting illegal aliens with our tax $$$.


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