A constitutional crisis – Why Maryland needs Jim Rutledge

As I have stated from the beginnings of my Blog, I will be fair to all Candidates in our Races on the GOP side to express their views and opinions.  This article express’s, that I am a fair and balanced reporter.

A constitutional crisis – Why Maryland needs Jim Rutledge


By Scott Strzelczyk | 03/28/10 | 11:32 AM EDT | 0 Comments

Our system of government is broken.  The government is not broken because it was constructed or designed poorly.  The government is broken because the government acts without constraint and against the very rights and liberties it was established to protect.

The country was founded as a Constitutional Republic.  Government officials willfully act without regard to the constraints placed upon them by the citizens of the United States.  Citizens face a clear and present danger – A constitutional crisis.

Government officials mistakenly believe government was created to constrain the people.  The purpose of the Constitution was to establish a limited federal government to protect the rights and liberties of the people.  Moreover, it was specifically designed to constrain the government.  In other words, to create a iron-clad cage to place around the federal government and each branch within the federal government; to preserve and defend individual rights and liberties.

The speed at which the federal government is dismantling the Constitution astonishes most fair-minded people.  The parchment upon which our rights and liberties are protected is ignored by government officials.  The iron-clad cage has eroded and now resembles a cage made of wet noodles; a worthless and feeble attempt to enforce the original intent and meaning of the Constitution and constrain the government.

We the people are at a crossroads, a precipice if you will.  The critical question facing Americans is whether the country will continue its headfirst dive into the abyss of socialism and despotism, or will the country wake-up and fight to return the country to a Constitutional Republic.

In Maryland, there is one Republican candidate for United States Senate that is a true constitutional conservative.  That candidate is Jim Rutledge.  Jim Rutledge understands the country is faced with a clear and present danger.  A danger best summarized as the complete assault and abolition of our founding document and principles.

Jim Rutledge believes in our unalienable rights endowed upon us by our Creator; rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property).  Jim believes, as our founding fathers and framers believed; the states ceded only limited powers to the federal government, freedom and property rights are inextricably linked, and the best government starts with the family and should be as close to the people as possible.

The road to recovery is quite simple according to Jim Rutledge.  The road to recovery runs straight through the Constitution.  That document unleashed the amazing juggernaut known as American exceptionalism; created by the smallest minority in the country — the individual.

Before our Constitutional Republic was established governments took several forms; monarchies, aristocracies, plutocracies, and democracies.  Never in the history of mankind was a system of self governance established were the people decided what the government could and could not legitimately do.  All democracies rise and fall, but our Republic founded upon a Constitution constraining the government created a society envied throughout the world.

Jim Rutledge’s core convictions embody the spirit our founding fathers and framers.  Jim and others throughout this country embarked upon a path to restore the country to its founding principles.  Jim’s candidacy is the first step in his journey to become Maryland’s next United States Senator.

Jim decided to stand up and fight for this country just as his great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Joshua Rutledge.  Joshua Rutledge was a young man in Monkton Maryland and joined the Maryland line to fight against British tyranny.  Joshua fought outside swamp land in Camden South Carolina and was captured.  Eventually, Joshua escaped and made his way back to Maryland; a shell of a man.  Joshua’s health restored he joined General Washington’s ranks and returned to fight the British and overthrow a despotic government.  Joshua was one of many unsung heroes in the Revolutionary War.

Jim’s candidacy epitomizes Joshua’s spirit to be free of tyranny and despotic government.  Jim intends to preserve for his posterity our Constitutional Republic.  Jim not only wants to represent Marylanders in the United States Senate, but like Joshua he intends to fight to avert the constitutional crisis the country faces today.  Undoubtedly, Jim Rutledge will be remembered in history as one of the great unsung heroes that rescued the country from the abyss, the precipice of socialism and utter despotism, and restored America to a state where American exceptionalism will reign supreme once again.

The late, great Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Free at last!  Free at last! Thank God almighty we are free at last!”  I treasure the day I can shout this from the highest mountain top to the lowest valley.  I certainly hope and dream I see this in my lifetime before I join God almighty in the Kingdom of Heaven.  For now, that is my American dream.

Jim Rutledge’s website is www.rutledgeforussenate.com.  Visit the website to learn more about Jim’s positions on many topics.  Watch the videos Jim recorded on various topics to understand his positions. I sincerely believe you will become a Jim Rutledge supporter too.


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