The Face of the Man who refuses to Protect our Children through Senate Bill SB 622

Even though the Maryland House of Delegates passed HB 254 for sticter sex offender laws, 15 years, no probation, no good time for early release, Senator Brian Frosh of the Maryland State Senate refuses to get the Cross Filed bill SB 622 moved to the floor to be voted on to get it into Law.  Here is my latest email to this man and the article from Mark Newgent of Red Maryland and The Examiner Baltimore.

Dear Senator Frosh,
Please stop embarrassing Maryland.  I guess we will have to get O’Reilly and Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh to question why you are preventing the Sex Offender bill from being moved in the State Senate Assembly.  Please, stop embarrassing our State. All the children that have been abused and murdered at the hands of Sex Offenders are looking down on you to do the right thing.  What if this had happened in your Family?  Would you not want the strictest laws possible for accountability to these Animals? They Rape, Torture, Sodomize, Murder, Bury them Alive, Dismember them, toss them over bridges into the Waterways and so on.  Stop Ignoring The People’s Request.
Senate Judicial Proceedings Chairman, Brian Frosh is holding up his chamber’s version of the Jessica’s Law enhancement calling for long mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of second degree child rape and molestation. Yesterday, the House of Delegates unanimously passed the measure (136-0).
Frosh’s office would not comment on what he is going to do with the bill SB 622. An aide to the Senator only told me over the phone that “there are a lot of sex offender bills before the committee.” However, a source in the legislature told me that Frosh has admitted in private that he is going to hold up the bill. The crossover date for each chamber to send to the other bills it intends to pass is Monday, March 29. If the Senate does not put SB 622 on it’s cross over list, the bill dies and so does the House bill, HB 254. It appears Frosh is running out the clock on the legislative session to prevent tougher sentencing for child predators.
Frosh was scheduled to meet with Joan Harris, president of Citizens for Jessica’s Law the lead advocacy group pushing for mandatory minimum sentences. However, he abruptly cancelled it. “I am dismayed and extremely disappointed that Chairman Frosh was not willing to meet to discuss the safety of Maryland’s children,” Harris said. “Does Chairman Frosh not care about the Jessica Lunsfords, the Sarah Foxwells, and the Polly Klaas’? These are just a few of the many children who were victims of convicted sex offenders who were out of prison.”
Frosh is a trial lawyer and protective of their interests. In 2007, he disrespectfully treated proponents of Jessica’s Law. Frosh made those testifying on behalf of the bill wait over five hours. He slated the hearing on the bill at the end of a 13-bill agenda, which included less important bills like prohibiting chaining dogs outdoors. Frosh didn’t even bother to be present for the testimony. Marc Klass, whose daughter Polly was murdered by a paroled sex offender traveled to Maryland to testify said, “This is a unique experience for me to wait five hours to speak to three people.”
Under the weight of public pressure Senate President, Mike Miller ordered Frosh to bring the bill up for a committee vote. It passed the committee and the full Senate 43-3. Frosh, Delores Kelley, and Lisa Gladden voted against it.
By trying to kill SB 622, Brian Frosh has set himself against, overwhelming public opinion, the House of Delegates, and even Governor O’Malley, who has now endorsed the bill.
Contact Senate President Mike Miller’s office and ask that he demand Frosh bring SB 622 up for a vote.
Phone: (410) 841-3700, (301) 858-3700, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3700 (toll free)


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