Senator Donald Munson of Washington County makes a Faux Paux – “His Only Crime Was Looking At Child Pornography”

Senator Don Munson, Next to last Conservative Repub in State Senate

My letter to Senator Donald Munson on his statement during Testimony on Senate Bill.  Please listen to the audio and decide for yourself if it was appropriate, then call his office and explain your discontent with Senator Munsons Statement.

Senator Munson,
I heard your comments today regarding Ex Delegate Mckee 2A “THAT HIS ONLY CRIME WAS LOOKING AT CHILD PORNOGRAPHY” in reference to Child Pornography on his computer, on the Blaine Young show today on WFMD.  Utter embarrassment.  Washington County Voters need to hear this and decide for themselves why you would even mention something like this.  He broke the law and is now a Convicted/Sex Offender Felon for the rest of his life.
Do you have any comment on this?  The sound bite is clear and your remarks clear.  This is something that can not be overlooked.

Due to the limitations on my Blog Site, if you would like a copy of the Audio Recording of Senator Munson making his comments regarding Ex Delegate Mckee, please leave a message with your email address and I will get a copy to you.



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