Raise some money to Fire Nancy Pelosi, Leader of the Socialist Cause of the USSA


The outpouring of support from Republican grassroots leaders like you has been extraordinary. In a little over 36 hours after Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats rammed their government takeover of health care down the American people’s throats, the Republican National Committee has almost tripled our original goal of raising $402,010 to Fire Nancy Pelosi.

I’m grateful for your help, but we’re not done yet. At 11:15 this morning, President Obama signed into law the Pelosi Health Care Takeover. This abomination means low-quality health care, higher taxes, and a declining standard of living for all Americans.
In response to President Obama signing this monstrous bill, the RNC is extending the Fire Pelosi Money Bomb for an extra 24 hours — that’s 24 more hours to ensure our Party has the resources needed to defeat 40 Democrat Representatives and bring Nancy Pelosi’s iron-fisted reign to an end.
If you haven’t donated yet, please go to GOP.com right now and make a secure online donation of $40 or more to help the RNC fire Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies in Congress. If you have already made a donation, I ask that you forward this message on to at least five of your friends, family and/or colleagues who are sick and tired of the Democrats ignoring the will of the people and urge them to support the RNC’s money bomb today.
jeffrey, this is a fight for the future of our nation — and it’s a fight Republicans must win. Your help is vital to fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the U.S. House. Donate to the RNC’s money bomb now. Thank you.

Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee
P.S. jeffrey, thanks to the generous outpouring of support from concerned citizens like you across the country, the RNC is extending our money bomb by another 24 hours. Please go to GOP.com right now to make a secure online gift of $40 or more to help elect 40 Republicans to the U.S. House and ensure our Party has the resources to Fire Nancy Pelosi! Thank you.


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