Maryland House of Delegates Saqib Ali hands out Male Enhancement Pills during Mark Lunsfords Press Conference on Stricter Sex Offender Laws

Delegate Ali, do you not find this very distasteful and disrectful?  Handing our Male Enhancement Products during a News Conference with Jessica Lunsford’s dad, Mark?  That was totally out of line.  I think the Whole State Assembly should know about this.  Very regretfull on your part, I would hope.  I would think you owe the Lunsford Family a formal written apology. 
Reporters Notebook: Delegate’s bad timing
Saqib Ali was promoting his bill on Tuesday to ban the sale of sexual stimulants at gas stations by tracking down reporters and handing out samples of the pills, with inventive names like Night Bullet and Stiff Nights.
He handed us a few in the middle of a news conference where Mark Lunsford was speaking about the need to strengthen Maryland’s sex offender laws. Lunsford is the father of Jessica Lunsford, whose Florida tragedy inspired many states’ Jessica’s Laws.
Ali couldn’t have picked — perhaps unwittingly — a worse venue to distribute male sexual enhancers.
— Alan Brody


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