Delegate Chris Shank for Washington County Senator is the True Voice of the People

Shank is one of the people and for the people

To the editor:

On Tuesday, March 16, I had the honor of meeting with our distinguished delegate, Christopher B. Shank. I was in Annapolis to provide verbal testimony in support of House Bill 1058.

Some time ago, I sought Shank’s assistance on matters involving Allegheny Power’s operating tariffs and rate tiers within Maryland. Shank promptly drafted and sponsored HB 1058.

On March 16, Shank and I stood before the House Economic Matters Committee and provided verbal testimony in favor of this bill. I left Annapolis that day with more than just hopes of a passing bill. I witnessed firsthand the tremendous amount of unspoken, yet clearly genuine, respect Shank receives from his colleagues. This respect is well deserved, given the exceptional character and caliber of Shank.

I have also gained an immense amount of respect for the other delegates who shared the meeting room with us that day. Their grasp and understanding of the many complex issues before them on this day was nothing short of exceptional.

Hats off to Shank, who is clearly one of the people and for the people.

Randy A. Breeden


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