Candidate Profile Write Up by Ann Miller of the Examiner – Carmen Amedori

Candidate profile: Carmen Amedori for U.S. Senate

Carmen Amedori is a newly announced candidate for U.S. Senate against Barbara Mikulski. She has a clear, passionate, and conservative vision for the direction of Maryland and the nation. And she doesn’t shy away from expressing them directly and honestly.

Ms. Amedori is a lifelong resident of Maryland, raised in Govans in Baltimore City. She has lived in Carroll County for the past 30 years.

Her Catholic upbringing under blue-collar, Baltimore City Democratic parents during the civil rights movement of the 60‘s leaves one to ponder her early choice to register as a Republican at age 18. She was the only Republican in her family at the time, until they later changed to Republican.

She said, “My mom was a stay at home mom; my dad laid tile then opened a tavern in Patterson Park, which he has had for 37 years.”

She was a political activist as a teenager. She said, “I rode the Baltimore City transit buses. It was a great learning experience, what was happening. They were taking prayer out of schools, we were working with integration; there was so much turmoil going on in this country. The experience has definitely made me a better person.–Carmen-Amedori-for-US-Senate


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